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1st Line:

LW - Robert Reichel

C - Gary Roberts

RW - Geoff Courtnall

RD - Paul Coffey

LD - Kevin Lowe

G - Chris Terreri

Xtra Attacker - Rick Tocchet

2nd Line:

LW - Robert Reichel

C - Gary Roberts

RW - Geoff Courtnall

RD - Scott Niedermeyer

LD - Scott Niedermeyer

G - Craig Billington

Xtra - Rick Tocchet

Edited by LABS_66
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F1 - LW D. Savard #18 C E. Lindros #88 RW S. Makarov #42

D1: LD: I. Kravchuk #21 RD P. Housley #6

Starting Wacklord: Eddie Belfour #33

F2 - LW V. Zelepukin #25 C. D. Turcotte #8 RW B. Sutter #12

D2 - LD: R. Ladouceur #39 RD: A. Zhitnik #2

Backup Wacklord: Danny Berthiaume #35

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Only one b-hole did NOT post his lines, and that was Freydey.

I'm posting the updated Preseason ROM version 3 with the line edits done.

Thanks to Raph on a great job putting together V2.

A few notes, about 5 teams had duplicate numbers not corrected in their lines that I switched the lesser player to a different number. It's 2 am here, and I'm not gonna look up proper previous numbers, etc. If you see a number you didn't want it changed to, and get the correction in before final rom is submitted, post it here to get it corrected.

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Check your team for errors, but do note that you are required to have your 3rd & 4th defensemen as options.

DO NOT post edited ROMS from here, except Raph. Post suggested corrections please.

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If there is another Rom update I would like to have my starting Dmen switched, Joseph to LD, Sweeney to RD. Also have Borshevsky on the LW of line 2 so he comes in for Oates when he takes a penalty, thanks.

Team is San Jose Sharks

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San Jose new lines

RD Joseph

LD Sweeney

LW Oates

C Klima

RW Borshevsky

X Momesso

Line 2

RD Schneider

LD Schneider

LW Borshevsky

C Oates

RW Klima

X Momesso

Make sure Oates plays C when Klima takes a penalty, and Momesso play LW when Oates takes a penalty. Schneider comes in for both thanks.

Edited lines after a few exis.

I think 2 guys have 16, Make Borshevsky 61 please.

I think 2 guys also have 27 not sure, but if so make Schneider 72 please.


This is what I used to try to set up your lines Lupz. HOWEVER, you can't get Oates to Center when Klima gets a penalty without pausing the game, as far as I know. But you CAN have Momesso at LW, but not if you now want Borshevsky at LW.

Anyhow, I'll switch your D men and set Borshevsky as first sub, Momesso 2nd sub, etc?? Try to clarify for me before I get online tonight around 11 pm central.

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Fixed Probob's 2 #7's, fixed Jer's lines, made roster change & AJ's lines, Lupz lines & hokkee's line changes, & swapped the edm/tor goalie.

I think that's it.

Gonna submit to Chaos.

See you guys on the other side!!!

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I did. Forgot to list that. I'll double check it later & make sure it saved in there.

I had one time where I screwed up & didn't save/exited & had to re-do everything, so I clearly remember changing him to #10, but it needs to be double checked to confirm it's in the rom that way.

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