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I want you guys, the SNES players, to rank the teams. I think the team ratings that come with the game are pretty bogus, but I want to see how the community feels about it.


This is a simple form, just rate the teams on a scale of 1 to 5. Think of it like Amazon reviews. If that team is amazing, they should be a 5. If they're garbage, they should be a 1. Try to be as objective as possible and leave your love or hate for a given team to the side :)

I'm going to leave the responses hidden for a bit, but I'll open them up in about a week.

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Ok, we got 10 responses. Here are the results:

Here are individual responses:


And here is a chart of the averages:


TEAM RANKINGS (10 Responses)
1. (4.7) Detroit Red Wings
2. (4.5) LA Kings 
T-3. (4.3) Boston Bruings
T-3. (4.3) Calgary Flames
T-3. (4.3) Chicago Blackhawks
T-3. (4.3) Pittsburgh Penguins
7. (4.1) NY Rangers
T-8. (3.9) Montreal Canadiens
T-8. (3.9) Vancouver Canucks
10. (3.7) Quebec Nordiques
11. (3.6) Toronto Maple Leafs
12. (3.5) Winnipeg Jets
13. (3.3) Buffalo Sabres
T-14. (3.2) NY Islanders
T-14. (3.2) Washington Capitals
T-16. (3.1) Dallas Stars
T-16. (3.1) Edmonton Oilers
T-16. (3.1) St Louis Blues
19. (3.0) Philadelphia Flyers
20. (2.9) New Jersey Devils
21. (2.6) Hartford Whalers
22. (1.6) Tampa Bay Lightning
23. (1.4) San Jose Sharks
24. (1.2) Ottawa Senators
25. (1.1) Anaheim Mighty Ducks
26. (1.0) Florida Panthers
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He really is quite good for the auto goalie, but their team is SO abominably slow and inept at shooting. That's what really kills them. Some games, when they're hot (and usually if you put Hough in), they can get a little fire in their bellies. But for the most part, yeah, awful team.

Someone who is good with maths should create some sort of X-Factor for these teams. It'd come in handy when comparing teams in a head-to-head for user stats.

Maybe something like:

-0.7 DET
-0.6 LAK
-0.5 BOS
-0.5 CAL
-0.5 CHI
-0.5 PIT
-0.4 NYR
-0.3 MTL
-0.3 VAN
-0.2 QUE
-0.1 TOR
-0.1 WPG
0.0 BUF
0.0 NYI
0.0 WAS
0.1 DAL
0.1 EDM
0.1 STL
0.2 PHI
0.3 NJ
0.4 HFD
0.7 TB
0.8 SJ
0.9 OTT
0.9 ANA
1.0 FLA

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