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TOOL: Gens ReRecording (emulator for hacking)

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Here are a couple versions of Gens Re-Recording that you can use.




Note that this is basically Gens with added hacking features in the Tools menu. You can use it as your main emulator if you want.

Check out TonyH's great hacking tutorial for how to use it for investigating hacks

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The people at Emu Crimson Rain had released Revision 035I of Gens Rerecording back on December 05 of last year.

Not sure if it has the "Hook RAM" fix, as you have provided above; that might require some examination; but this particular build seems to fix a few issues with displaying certain things in the Debug section and one's experience with recording AVI files, as well as fixing the "Hog CPU" feature in the audio settings, and it even provides extra support for functioning titles and ROM hacks that were made for use on the Super 032X.

For the sake of convenience, I thought that it might be best if this revision is supplied here as well.

If it helps out any, then feel free to switch to it; I am still using Revisions 034I and 0348 at the moment, but I don't think that it would hurt to examine Revision 035I, given that it is the latest updated version of the emulator that is currently available, and more than likely has more differences than its October of 20I3 counterpart.

~ Link to Gens Rerecording: Revision 035I (Emu Crimson Rain):

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Dang it, it looks as if they had gotten rid of the High Quality PSG feature in Revision 0352.

This feature turns all of the Square Wave audio from the PSG channels to be played in the form of Sine Waves instead.

Why they had gotten rid of this is well beyond my knowledge, but I truly wish that they bring the High Quality PSG feature back in a later build.

I was never truly a fan of having Square Waves in Genesis and Megadrive titles; Sine Waves are more ambient, they feel more proper to listen to and they give more of a Surround Sound feel, when compared to Square Waves; I'll bear with it for now, but oh, how disturbing that was when I had noticed this. :/

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