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Link to Page - All-Time Standings

On one of the other threads, it was suggested to split the All Time Standings into SNES and Genesis stats. Starting from the GDL XII start date (Feb 2015), the database has been changed to keep the 2 different sets of All-Time Standings. You can switch between the 2 systems using the "Stat Selection" drop down menu. In order to appear in the standings, you must have played a minimum of 20 GP total on the site.

I will eventually transfer the All-Time Standings prior to Feb 2015. This will be a little tedious, but will be done once I find a quick way to automate it. For now, you can access the "Old Stats" from the drop down menu as well.

I'm not sure how many people actually view this page (Plabax is one :) ), but once the stats start to pile up, it will be useful to see who is the "best player" on each system.

A few other things that will be coming soon:

- Player Career Stats Pages (Separate for Classic (GENS and SNES)/GDL/TDL/Blitz/others)

- Coach Career Stats Pages

- Some other things when I can think of them

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