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Classic Vs GDL Champions League


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So I just had an idea of doing a little tournament with some of the GDL teams vs Classic teams. Probably the top 8 of each or something and then run a Champions league tournament.

While I do think pretty much any GDL roster would be much better built, it would still be fun.

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I like this idea habs, just hard to understand how it works. Top 8 of each, so some people get 1 gdl team and 1 classic team? Make a pretend bracket or something cuz I don't get it lol

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LOL. How would this work? I also think the top Classic teams would be better than an average GDL team -- think Detroit, Buffalo, Vancouver, LA.


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Blitz vs GDL teams would probably be more balanced, and might be interesting. You could have two roms, where only one of them had the weight bug fixed. You could have it so that home games used one rom, while away used the other. Another idea would be to let the home team decide.

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Initially I was thinking all top teams from blitz, classic and gdl. But I don't see how we can do blitz as you need a seperate rom. Makes the team completely different if you put your gdl team into a wgt bug fix rom.

Anyway in terms of format- was thinking top 8 based on regular season + playoffs record.

=16 teams

=New combined ROM

Would make seeds based off these records. Tho we'll need some weighting as the GDL W-L records seem crazy padded lol.

Then we have a round robin play with 4 divisions of 4 teams.

You play each team twice in your division (6 games total).

Top two each division make next round and we have a 8 team playoff with a best of 5.

Then next round 4 teams (best of 7).

Then final with best of 7.

Raph I agree those teams are better than most GDL teams but as we've seen in classic the top A coaches don't usually ever have those teams (anymore atleast).

Personally I think GDL teams have a big advantage as most teams are built around buggers.

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