[MD] Question: Concerning Regional Lockout in the NHL '98 ROM Image

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Now, as the lot of you that have played the series already know by now, assuming that you have messed around with emulation as much as I have over the years, NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '97 appear to be able to be played on a Japanese Megadrive or Megadrive 02 without any factors regarding Regional Lockout.

In emulation, the ROM images for those six titles may be played with the regional setting left on Japan (NTSC), you would be able to play it without the worry of yourself getting a Regional Lockout notice.

NHL '98, however, is not made with Region Free usage in mind, unless you are probably using the Mega Everdrive on a European or Japanese Megadrive console, or through means of a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay cartridge lock~on.

Now, I am more than positive that this may easily be dealt with by hacking the portion of the game's code that enables the regional lockout in the first place, but at this time, not even I would know about that.

What I would like to know, however, is if anybody has attempted to get the original NHL '98 ROM image, NHL 98 (U) [c][!], working without the issue of Region Lockout by means of hacking it.

Given how '92 to '97 do not have this problem during emulation and while running on actual hardware, I am truthfully confused that '98 does; I truly feel that there was absolutely no reason to do this to '98, other than the fact that this game was developed in part by THQ, and it has just aggravated my mind for the past matter of years.

In the event that a Region Free version has yet to be made, then I guess that I will just have to wait until it is available then.

Sometimes, I truly do feel that being able to play NHL '98 on a European or Japanese Megadrive by normal means would be a major convenience for players in those regions that do not use emulation normally; it definitely would expand the audience as well, in its own special way.

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