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Ninety Flow 2015 Playoffs ROM


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this is a full 2015 playoffs update. I think it's by far the best and most thorough Ninety Flow ROM yet, but I'm sure there is still at least one mistake yet to be corrected. I am always seeking help and comments; if anything at all seems wrong, please report it to me.

if you want to see your player more clearly, you can activate the multitap option and use the shadow colors from the other end of the visible spectrum. a later post in this thread has alternate versions of this thing with some combinations of the removed player indicators added back.

feel free to do any further alterations you want, like other combinations of those indicators or setting up alternate playoffs or two-on-two or adding yourself or whatever. if you do make changes, please share the files.

have fun.


if you don't agree to every term that follows below, don't download a copy.

[1] - the copy you download is for your non-commercial personal use

[2] - you will not use this file in any way for personal gains beyond entertainment nor will you profit financially from its use

[3] - any possible adverse effects to your computer (and the systems networked with it) that may be the result of downloading and executing the file are your risks that are to be remedied at nobody's expense beyond your own


the file was updated on May 31st, 2015. if you downloaded a copy before then, get this one to replace it: NinetyFlow2015.smc


aside from critiques, criticisms, comments and corrections, I'm hoping to get help with:

-changing fatigue and rest rates

-setting player card pictures to match handednesses

-removing uniform colors from stopping snowspray

-getting the team in the West Stars slot to display correctly in the playoffs brackets

-expansion of roster space

-expansion to 30 teams

-figuring out any physics hacks

-getting goalies freed to roam further

-addition of one space between initial and name in game stars popup, statistics lists

-removal of logos and copyrights

-having a popup after goals and in last two minutes instead of the constant scoreboard overlay

-adding more selectable options when changing lines

-having a time clock with real speed instead of the fast ticking

if you can help me make this thing better, please volunteer your services. if this ROM can help you develop your skills/projects, please use it in any way that you see fit, short of pulling a profit.


unless you are a gaming-with-a-keyboard master, you'll want to use a gamepad, or this game will be quite difficult to operate. here are the controls, based on the standard SNES controller:


L = left defenseman control

R = right defenseman control

u, l, r, d = up, left, right, down directional movement

X = goaltender control

Y = dive, stand up, flip toss, hook, hold, vogue

A = stack pads, skate, check, shoot, kill

B = pass, player selection, poke check, steal, trip

s = line change

S = start, menu


NinetyFlow2015 is available for the purpose of preservation and archival reproduction and is protected under ruling 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 11/27/06. the administratively created anti-circumvention exemption amendment is applicable to this file as stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act H.R. 2281: "computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and that require the original media or hardware as a condition of access, when circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of preservation or archival reproduction of published digital works by a library or archive. a format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace." the hardware required to operate NinetyFlow2015 and its technology have been obsolete and commercially unavailable for well over a decade. the cessation of development and production of said obsolete hardware indisputably aligns NinetyFlow2015 with the anti-circumvention exemption amendment.

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I got a bunch of feedback and made a lot of appropriate changes.

Edited by tru
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yeah... uh... Florida and Anaheim have to make some concessions every time because I can either have two goalies or an extra skater. it's a tough call. I usually go with two goalies and the exact roster on the release date, which is pretty much what they got this time. was Bjugstad hurt or something? there are people who know how to expand rosters, but I am not one of them. if I learn, it'll likely be the last step every time because it breaks the compatibility with the editor that makes this process half as hard. I am sorry that you are missing a player. even a couple of teams with the maximum -- for me, at least -- number of players on the active roster could have had more. I do not like leaving players off, but it is the best I can do for now. be thankful you aren't a CBJ/ARI fan!

thanks for using your first post on my silly thing. welcome. have fun. I'm glad you like it. color me surprised your post didn't gripe about player icons and possession indicators. so... thanks for that, too.

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makes sense now as Bjugstad was on the IR at the end of the season.

No need to apologize and I completely understandable that expanding rosters is not a priority. Wish I could help out but I have no knowledge on this stuff.

replace silly thing with awesome thing... it's really neat to play this game with current rosters.

I also noticed that I can't access the cup tournament or begin playoffs modes (the game freezes when I try to enter these modes). I primarily use the game on an android phone so is this most likely an issue with emulator I am using?

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no, it's that you are trying to play with a team that didn't make the playoffs. kind of a dick move by me, but... well... that's me. it was an intentional decision to be a dick to those trying to play with bad teams. hit myself with it this season, being a BOS guy. also, it saved me a lot of work setting up logical playoff trees. FLA has a pretty good chance of making it next season, I think.

is it fun on the phone? almost makes me want a more-than-a-phone.

what silly thing(s) would you replace? I'm curious. I ALWAYS want ANY feedback on my gaming projects, so more discussion is very much encouraged if you have anything else to mention. and you should post more around here in general, too!

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oh, and by "last step," I didn't mean to imply that it was a low priority; getting rosters as expanded as possible is pretty high on the list. that typed, the actual list above of things to do -- or convince others to do -- isn't in a prioritized order. it would just need to be a final step before release every time, with future work done on the previous save of the file. how cool would it be to have all the players for each team featured? called up for two games? in the game.

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that's quite the decision you made but yeah, obviously easier to set up the 1 playoff tree.

it's a lot of fun on the phone (great for a slow day at the office).

I don't think there is anything I would replace but to throw out some ideas...

1) Create a 2nd random playoff tree (for the non-playoff/bad teams) and just sub out one team 12 times so you can access a playoff mode with any team

2) A quick glance at the NHL IR list to make sure studs are in the game? (Letang, Weber, E.Kane, E.Johnson, Franzen and of course Bjugstad : ) lol

Previously you mentioned people complain about the player possession/icons. I don't think it's an essential feature of the game but just curious to hear why you removed it?

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once in the recent past I did sub in some of the rest of the teams, giving a few options of who got bumped out and who played who, but it was a lot of work for little benefit and I like the concept of "your team didn't make it; no deals." I'm not sure if it was a version I released... I think I might have done it for a trade deadline update

I removed the icons/arrows/etc. because:

-I suspected that they were useless to experienced players

-having them gone greatly improves my ability to feel immersed in a simulated hockey game

-it looks much better and more real

people really do not like it. they are all welcomed to "fix" it. this thing is always everybody's to hack further.

now, for IR and LTIR players... I mostly did leave in guys with a chance of playing again in the season and those with minor injuries. the LTIR dudes will be back when they are back. this is -- or tries to be -- more of a reality game than a fantasy game. statistics lead to ratings and injuries lead to removal from the roster. I'd love to get some physics hacks going to further touch up the realness.

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alright, so NOBODY has found ANY errors? I find that tough to believe. I must have a few jersey numbers wrong and some handednesses switched and at least one name misspelled... PLEASE REPORT ANY ERRORS!

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that's EXACTLY the type of help this thing needs. do you have the SNES editor? it may help you scan the file for more errors if you are inclined to look.



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that editor is great. it only has a few very minor glitches and it has served me well for years on a few different computers, mostly Macs. this series owes most of itself to the editor's existence.

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the editor is a really neat tool. Here is what I found:


Gibson - Hand

Palmieri - Hand


Lucic - Hand


Foligno - Hand

Ristolainen - Hand

Strachan - Hand


Hiller - Hand

Potter - Hand


Kruger - Hand

Hossa - Hand


Abdelkader - Hand


Upshall - # 19


Weise - Hand


Strome - #18

Kennedy - Hand


Hayes - Hand


Akeson - Hand


Winnik - Hand


Briere - Hand

Barrie - Hand


Berglund - Spell

Tarasenko - Hand

Bouwmeester - Spell

Gunnarsson - Spell


Burrows - Spell


Orpik - Hand


Thorburn - Spell


Haula - #56

Brodin - Hand


Volchenkov #20

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DAMN! you are officially hired. wow, wow, wow. looks like I'll be busy tonight! this is some serious work you have put in and I would like to appreciate it in a way that you would be comfortable with. if you stick around I will be trying to elicit your help for next season's ROM, too. if you'd like, you can surely consider this to be your project, too. if there is anything on your mind about this thing, please let me know. this is just plain great.

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Gibson - Hand - ?

all of the rest - fixed

an update will follow.

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my bad, not Gibson but Andersen.

To be completely honest, this didn't take much of my time. As for the project, i'm not looking for any recognition but i'd be happy to help where I can (time permitting of course). I can't imagine how many hours you have put into this thing.

I will let you know if anything comes to mind

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oh, and I also can't imagine how many hours I have put into this thing over the years. I figure it must have taken you at least an hour to go through each player for number, handedness and spelling. thank you, thank you, thank you. you have turned this installment from a sloppy amateur hack into a polished semiprofessional game.

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Maybe an hour and a bit but no problem at all, glad I could help.

Curious as to the steps involved to do the roster updates? Which website do you use to get the current rosters? Do you manually type each player into the editor?

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oh, yeah. I use nhl.com a lot, add plenty of behindthenet, dailyfaceoff, nhluniforms, time, formulae, pen and paper, the editor, typey-typey, point and click, "tab" and arrows, Hex Fiend, checksum fixer, sendspace and repeat. so very many hours over the last five years that I couldn't begin to guess what amount of time has gone into this always instantly outdated series. it's something I do for myself because I enjoy being able to play simulations of the game I'll watch that night. I love this game.

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Wow, clearly a lot goes into this but obviously worth it cause it's a classic.

So now that I know the resources you're using to update the rosters, I may have an idea for your next update that could save time.

TSN.ca's team/roster page is set up very nicely where it has the player name, jersey #, weight and stick hand all on 1 page so you don't have to click on the player to see further details. A web crawling program can be set up to scan each of the teams and export the rosters to excel. From there, the names and #'s can be formatted accordingly and then copied and pasted into the editor as I noticed the cut/paste works within it.

Just an idea that came to mind unless you're comfortable with your current approach.

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