Spring 2015 GENS "A" Finals - swos vs Depch

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swos (Dallas) vs Montreal (Depch)

The defending champion Depch makes it back to another finals, this time with the Montreal Canadiens. Meanwhile, swos makes his return to classic and is playing tough with Dallas.

Game 1:

Game 2:

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*** spoilers ***

Gz to Swos making it to being a triple champ (getting it done in GDL, Blitz & Classic). I really though I would put up more of a fight in the series as I think we've always gone to at least 6 or 7 games in our series when we've played in Finnish leagues (maybe the expectations were my downfall in this one, against swos your mental game needs to be right on spot to be able to win him in playoffs, such a great reminder). Clearly the better one in this series won.

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Great season from the both of you! Depch put up a great fight, especially winning game 1, but swos seemed to move into that 2nd gear, and really controlled most of the rest of the games. Swos is truly a dominant '94 force, winning this Classic (toughest in a few years w/ the competition), a Blitz title, and a pair of GDL titles. Not to mention 100's of Finnish league titles! B)

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for a great season. I hope to see you both back for the Fall Classic!

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