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West Coast (LA) Trip

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Hey Boys!

I'm planning my next major filming trip to California and I'm reaching out to you guys to see if you have any ideas.

My East coast trip was amazing and one of the coolest experiences of my life. The film now is moved into the post production phase (aka more expensive and less glamorous), I still have a lot of filming to do. On this trip I have two major goals..

Jim Simmons and Michael Brook

-If you guys have any questions for these two that you would like answered please write them in the comments.

My secondary goals

-(As always) is to interview past/current NHL players

-Any NHL94.com members

My stretch goal is to interview Keith Apicary... Who is he? check this out

If you guys have any suggestions for my west coast trip please let me know.



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Any chance we can do something like this here in LA, this summer? I am in Los Angeles until July 31; I do not know any SNES or GENS players, do not even have either system myself, but I am sure there are people here still playing.:


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