[MD] How are your teams playing? (Ron Barr on Playing Wellness)

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Now, as the lot of you in the scene happen to know, on the rare occasion that it does happen, there will come a time where Ron Barr's Commentary screen will talk to you about a team's playing condition.

Ron Barr will usually say, "Lately, (Team Name) has been playing well.", which I had always thought that this meant that the game had obtained a difficulty spike for the team that is competing with the team that had gotten this statement, although I am positive that this is not the case, but hey, 05 to 09 year old Roya was very curious about the game's rare events back then. (:

While looking in the code of the ROM for text editing, I had noticed that there was an extra line of text that was present, one that I had not noticed in general gameplay before that takes place at Ron Barr's commentary screen.

That line of text, as some of you might know, is "Lately, (Team Name) has been playing extremely well.", and I had never viewed that line of text at that screen ever since I had begun playing NHL '94 back in 200I.

What I would like to know about this is if you folks have gotten the line regarding a team having Extreme Playing Wellness, as well as how the Playing Wellness lines are triggered.

Would there happen to be certain requirements that allow Ron Barr to say this about a team; is it based on your User Records with a particular team, are game outcomes the result of it, or is this entirely randomized?

I never could understand why I would get the message, as some teams, I never even played as and I had gotten the regular "playing well" on the screen, and I have tried excessively to get it so that Ron Barr says that my team is "playing extremely well", but even after 0I4 years and change, I still cannot obtain the line.

In the event that you have gotten this line, do also mention how often you get it, as well as its rarity, if you happen to know what it be, anything to help myself and others understand the way that this works and how it affects general and important gameplay; I will gladly thank you in advance for any information that you may provide on this topic, truly will be of major assistance.

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happens like every third game on the Nintendo. I'd say you get about thirty percent no message, forty percent "well" and thirty percent "extremely well." does the Genesis not give that message?

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The "extremely well" message is within the code of the original and Thirty Team ROMs, but whenever I play either of them, I only get either no message or the simple "playing well" message.

I do remember an instance when I was experimenting with my old cart's User Records where I had a 07 Win streak with both the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers in separate playing sessions from 2005 and 2006, and not even that winning streak had triggered the "extremely well" message, from what I recall, I had only gotten as good as the "playing well" line of text.

Given that it is within the code of the ROM, I am more than positive that it is probable to trigger "extremely well" in the Genesis/MD version, but I would not know how to do so, whether it be randomized or I have to get a lot of wins as a particular team to do so, however high a number of wins in a row that be.

I will keep at attempting to see if I am able to trigger it though, I am positive that it might be done, even if it is ample rare to obtain; what shocks me more about this is that getting this message is even harder for me to get than breaking the glass, which I have only done six times between 2005 and this year (once back in July of that year, and the other five this year), one would think that getting something as simple as a message would be the easiest thing in the world, yet I somehow found this to become a challenge.


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sometimes I go a long time before I break the glass again, but "extremely" is extremely common when I play. do other ROMs offer the same frequency, Kenneth? could Banks, Rutherford, Phillips, Stewart or Gabriel offer some insight here, please?

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Thought that this would further clarify on the existence of Ron Barr's "Extremely Well" line being in the code, but I still do not know what triggers it.

Below presents where one would find the line in the Thirty Team ROM's code via a Hex Editor; HxD, in this particular scenario.


This screenshot is from my current build of the soon to be released MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: Battle of the Bay State Demo, using a new commentary setup featuring another guest that I will talk about later on in the main thread.

What is intended to be viewed here is at offset 0004B776, it does present that Ron Barr was indeed supposed to say that a team was playing "Extremely Well", yet it has never shown up in my history of playing NHL '94 on the Genesis and Megadrive, ROM hacks included, as stated before.

Perhaps this could help somebody explain why the line rarely, if it ever does, trigger, and under what circumstances that it be able to, I truly am stumped on this.

In the event that it does not ever trigger in original builds and ROM hacks, I will presume that either a Bugfix or reconstruction of how the "Extremely Well" line triggers would be the only way to handle dealing with this factor; either way though, this little attention to detail is still something that would require to be touched upon to get everything working in the ROM in the way that it is supposed to; no reason to put good text to waste, right?

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Funny that you bring up the Hot and Cold cues.

I was actually doing some experimentation with the way that Ron Barr says the line for each player last month, and I had gotten some rather obscure results.

Apparently, in order to have a specific player be listed under Hot and Cold, it all depends on when you hit the Start button at the Main Menu, as it is Frame Perfect and delivers a different outcome every time, it also varies whether or not "Lately, (Team) has been playing well." shows up, but "Extremely Well" presumably does not work this way, even with such experimentation; waiting a few frames at the Playoff Brackets screen will not change the outcome of Hot and Cold because it only stores the information cues that were held at the Main Menu when the Start button was pressed, and nothing afterward for the screen.

In the case of Hot and Cold, the utmost rarest of outcomes to obtain for it is to get Ron Barr to tell you that your team's Left Wing is on a Hot Streak and your Right Defenseman is off their game; getting that had taken me a few thousand savestates to get going correctly, and I must admit, when I had gotten it, I was truthfully happy about it, that was debatably one of the hardest things to find in the game this year; chances are that it probably is a one in a few thousand chance that you could actually trigger the Hot LW/Cold RD commentary screen, while "Extremely Well" probably might be one in a few million chance of obtaining, wouldn't be surprised.

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