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There is definitely some cheese in the game that is generated by the home advantages. Chicago is a prime example. The Chicago Blackhawks aren't THAT good. Los Angeles has a better roster yet they never win. How can this be? No offense to flasox, but he was able to win with CHI, so how could nobody else come close with better teams like LA, BOS or WPG?

I have won all 10 of my home playoff games in Blitz, and only one of them were close (OT). On the road I have lost 5 of 10. I don't think it is luck at this point since I'm always getting blown out on the road.

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That is part of what makes the game great.

The "BEST" is not always King or Champion. Luck, Home Ice, Injuries, on and on and on.

If you want the BEST NHL Team look at who won the President's Trophy each year.

If you want the KING look at the Stanley Cup.

Playing roms and online is great, but what most of us really loved was the Original game, before all the analytics.

Which is why this Tournament is going to be great and you should be their Premium.

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