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Playing NHL 94 on Gens. Is there an in-depth breakdown of the attributes themselves? How they affect your abilities, how they dictate the AI's tendencies? Like does shot power affect pass power or is that solely handled by the pass accuracy attribute? Stuff like that. Yeah. Stuff.

Also, I was wondering if there's a specific attribute that speaks to the ability to be checked and not fall down(or do the wobble dance, Sherman Shuffle, etc)? I'm sure there's other factors like the opponent's checking rating, speed, angle and whatnot. There are some players I just cannot knock down no matter what.

Jizz-moon tight.

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so, yeah, there is plenty of stuff like that on this site. you have time to read the lots and lots of details folks have broken down. the search feature might give you some stuff if you look for "ratings" and there is a whole section of the board about editing the game that delves into a lot of that stuff.

start here:

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Weight - Affects who a player can body check and who a player can get body checked by. A player can body check someone who weighs at least 2 points more than them (weight bug) and will get body checked by anyone who weighs at least 2 points less. It also affects the magnitude of the AGILITY stat. The less a player weighs, the more agility he will experience relative to the stat. This is the most valued stat in the game.

Agility - Acceleration and how quick you can turn. If a player has 99 agility and 72 speed like Wayne Gretzky, he will accelerate at a pace of 99 speed and then eventually slow down to a pace of 72 speed. If a player has 72 agility and 99 speed like Peter Bondra, he will accelerate at a pace of 72 speed and then speed up to a pace of 99 speed. When a player is accelerating (more speed than agility) he is unable to turn and deke as well as he would at full speed. When a player is accelerating negatively (more agility than speed) he is able to turn and deke much easier. It is desirable to have more agility than speed for better deking. A player will always be moving at the speed equal to his speed stat (he will never have to speed up from a slower pace or slow down from a faster one) if his agility is equal to his speed. Agility is affected by weight; the heavier, the less agility a player will experience. A 140lb player with 99 agility will have way more agility than a 196lb player with 99 agility. This is the most important stat in the game along with stick-handling.

Speed - How fast a player will skate after accelerating to top speed. The higher, the faster. Those with at least an 82 in this stat are considerably faster than everyone. This is one of the most valued stats in the game.

Shot Power - How hard a player shoots the puck. The higher, the faster a player's shots will be. Those with at least an 82 in this stat will shoot the puck considerably harder than everyone else. This stat is not so important.

Shot Accuracy - A player's ability to shoot the puck wherever he is aiming. The higher, the more accurate. Players with at least a 70 in this stat are far more accurate than all other players. Accuracy is more important than power.

Stick-Handling - A player's ability to keep control of the puck when a defender touches it. Also a player's ability to resist a check. All players that have at least a 79 (or 77?) are able to do the Sherman Shuffle. The better a player is at stick-handling, the more he will do the shuffle. Those who have at least a 60 in this stat should be able to deke through traffic well enough. This is the best stat in the game along with agility.

Passing - How accurate a player passes the puck. The higher, the more accurate. Those with at least a 50 in this stat should be good enough at passing. This is the least important of all the stats.

Offensive Awareness and Defensive Awareness - How well a player can position himself. The higher, the better positioning (relative to offense and defense). This stat is the most overlooked but it is extremely important.

Checking Rating - The tendency of a computer to body check

Aggression - Not sure. Maybe tendency to take a penalty??

Endurance - The ability of a player to stay energized when playing with line changes. The higher, the more energy.

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aggression is the likelihood of being penalized and it is the most important statistic in the game. (I added that last part to match the post two above this, where almost everything was called "the most important.")

endurance is the stamina of the player. higher doesn't slow down as fast and tire out like those with lower ratings do; this is the most important statistic in the game.

player number is the number that is assigned to a player and is shown below the player, not on his jersey. it is far and away the most important aspect of the game.

player name is the name of the player and is the most important thing ever in the history of mankind.

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Just played a bit with a ROM to clarify acceleration. Found some interesting things.

In all cases, the rotation/deke speed was the same. As far as I could tell, the time to stop was the same, as well. Top speed was the same except in the most extreme case.

Same agility (4), different weight (0vs15):

  • lighter players accelerates faster from stationary.
  • they appear to reach full speed in the time it takes for the light player to go from blue line to centre line.
  • separation is about enough to put another player in between the players.

Different agility (0vs6), same weight (7):

  • more agile player accelerates faster after he's moving a bit.

Different agility (0vs6), different weight (0vs15) (same 'direction'):

  • lighter & more agile player accelerates faster.
  • lighter & more agile players has faster top speed. (or heavy/slow player took the whole rink to reach top speed?)
  • Similar stopping time (hard to eyeball due to top speed difference, but I think the time taken to stop is the same).

Different agility (0vs6), different weight (0vs15) (opposite 'direction'):

  • very similar acceleration, with light player having minor late advantage so having a slight lead of maybe 1/2 an onscreen character.
  • Same top speed.
  • Same stopping time.

Wgt 10 + Agi 6 vs Wgt 4 + Agi 0:

  • slightly better late acceleration by high agility/low weight player

Wgt 10 + Agi 5 vs Wgt 4 + Agi 3:

  • virtually identical acceleration

ROM was hacked to have random no bonuses on the players, players were equal except for the compared attributes.

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AI Shooting Bias (AKA incorrectly "Roughness")

There's also a hidden stat that is often called "Roughness" (because that's what it was called in the NOSE editor), but a random person showed up on the forums and made one post and informed us that it's actually AI shooting bias. A high number in this value makes the AI shoot more. A low number (gretzky has 0) makes him pass more.

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you forgot to mention that shooting bias is the most important rating in the game.

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