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Mini NHL '94 Tourney in Connecticut

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A buddy of mine wants to hold a 25 guy Gens tourney in Southington Connecticut in August (no dates confirmed yet). It is a charity event so there is no entry fee, just bring want ever you can for a donation. (i'll get more info on the charity as well).

Wanted to give you guys the heads up. I offered to set up a website sign up form and I will most likely go there a film the event. There is an chance if everything works for me, I mite offer to the winner of this tourney free airfare to Toronto for our big one in September.

I'll keep you guys up dated. They are having a meeting on Wednesday so hopefully by Thursday I'll update you guys...

Who here is close enough to Southington to make a day trip to the event if the dates work for you?

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Maybe "The Kid" could play....... If he's the best he'll go to the tournament

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If it's not on a fricken Saturday, I'd try to see if I could swing a trip. Frontier gets some cheap flights these days.

But, I'm out for all Saturdays do to job requirements. The Toronto tourney is using up a huge favor.

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