Spring 2015 GENS "B" Finals - Evan vs Lupz

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Thanks Raph - it was indeed an intense series to play.

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Congrats to Evan, after a couple lucky bounces in games 2, and 3 the lucky bounce in game 4 went to Evan, and then he outplayed me the next to games, and won the deserved to win the series after the game 4 craziness.

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How many trophies is this for you, Evan?

HAHA - This would be the only one I have my friend.

Not sure if you remember, but I only played online from Fall 2005 (our first league which you participated in) to somewhere maybe in 2007. During that time (when leagues were new) I tried to only score fancy goals (worst game plan ever) and had some connection issues (though we probably all did). I didn't have a track record of being that good. I hadn't played in a league for about 8 years and came back to some pretty tough competition. I do play/practice on my Gens console, and though many will disagree, I think playing against the CPU makes you better against other people. There's only 1 human controlled opponent on the rink but the rest are CPU :)


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great series. Just pure old school play. All I hope is next year to see some new teams making it to the finals considering the Boston/Boston oppononent for Lupz and his use of Winnipeg and last seasons champ Kyle using Winnipeg.

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