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HOWTO: Expand original ROM to 32 teams


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I started to add 2 more teams, the team data is added, there is no logos, banners or player cards yet, the problem I found is the 2 teams have no faceoff music, so I will slowly work on the rest of graphics, but we need to find out how the team music is associated with each team and how to change it around.

32 Team Test.bin

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I started to add 2 more teams, the team data is added, there is no logos, banners or player cards yet, the problem I found is the 2 teams have no faceoff music, so I will slowly work on the rest of graphics, but we need to find out how the team music is associated with each team and how to change it around.

attachicon.gif32 Team Test.bin

Team 31 Faceoff Music Pointer - 02C6D0

Team 32 Faceoff Music Pointer - 02C6C8

Both of these pointers point to checking sounds that are used in game. As it is now, setting these teams to have faceoff music may trigger it to play when a player is checked.

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Awesome guys

If you can in any way provide extra details on how it's done and post them, that'd be awesome.

Also, if it's possible to add even more teams, I suggest going nuts and adding LOTS of them

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About time that this is finally beginning to become implemented, this truly will level the playing field for those that are working on Legacy series titles, as well as optimizing the more recent titles (up to 'I7) with the All~Star rosters and allowing us to have a more recent template that works for us, provided that this project delivers to us more than we are already viewing.

Although this project is in a rather early Alpha condition, the 032 Team ROM does seem as if it could help in allowing more to be done with the ROM image, and it truly would be lovely to view where this goes.

Now, I know that I am kind of asking for a bit much here out of this project, provided the NHL Hacking scene's current setbacks with the art modification of the current Thirty Team templates, but I am curious for as to how we will be able to handle the matter regarding the editing of select backgrounds that we sadly do not have the ease or perfection of doing at this point in time.

I have conjured up a list of pretty much everything that I could find in TM for the artwork that has yet to be properly decompressed for easy and swift editing, perhaps these could be dealt with in the process of making a complete version of the 032 Team ROM; in the event that I am missing anything from this list, then please do add on to this list, I know that I am missing a few things.

~ Hockey Arena: Editable, as we have viewed with the Ball Hockey installments and Six Aside Soccer, still has to be properly edited tile by tile, even with the Sprite Patch.

~ Scoreboard/In~Game Options Menu: Editable, but everything is an unorganized mess, it would be nice to have a simple large image replace it.

~ Zamboni Sprites: Organized Mess. Can be edited, as shown in the Ball Hockey installments, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I), but aligning the sprite tiles in TM is virtually impossible for precision editing.

~ Player Sprites: Organized Mess. You could figure out which portions of each sprites apply to each other, but it can be a pain to work with.

~ EA Sports Background: Ommitted, at least from what I am able to tell. I do not view anywhere in TM that the EA Sports tiles for the Matchups Screen and other screens appear, not one single bit whatsoever.

~ Player Cards: Garbled, currently only editable via means of EARE. I don't expect these to become uncompressed anytime soon, but I am positive that a good amount of people would love to edit these in an easier method than the way that EARE has it, I still am unsure on how to properly work it.

~ Main Menu Background: Organized Mess. Only 0240 tiles are actually used for the Main Menu, and sadly, this means that portions of the tiles in the Main Menu actually get reused, thus meaning that we sadly cannot import a full image into the Main Menu's background, which is something that I have wanted to do for MIAA 20I5 and subsequent projects; you may read more about what I am talking about on this particular factor from this thread if you have still yet to: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/17177-md-the-currently-ever-so-labourous-task-of-editing-the-background-for-the-main-menu/

~ Instant Replay Menu: Organized Mess, yet also Corrupted. When you edit a tile in the Instant Replay Menu, select tiles will repeat themselves if you edit anything, and I mean practically anything in it, but particularly the one that shows the options for when you press the B, C, or Start Button. This issue is utmost notable in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, where I have translated the B (Cross) and C (Circle) Button commands to be in Japanese, rather than English; I sadly do not know how to handle that at this time.

~ Player Cards Banner (the little section where the "EA Sports Player Cards" text is on the Player Cards screen): Organized Mess. You are able to edit it, but it is not an easy chore. A lot of the rows are mostly misaligned, and cannot be neatly edited in TM at this time.

~ Scoreboard and Summary Screen Text: Organized Mess. Has been proven editable by both Hackmaster Mack and yours truly in Mack's Hacks NHL '06, Mack's Hacks NHL '07, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I). The issue with this text is that select portions of the text, similar to the banner text in NHL Hockey '92 and EA Sports Network Pro Hockey, share select sprite tiles, and that will prove difficult when doing Font Importing from a different game or template, that be for sure.

~ Lord Stanley's Cup: Unknown. I can't find it, at least. It would be lovely to put in a custom trophy at some point, especially provided the fact that the Thirty Team ROM for '93 already delivers to us that luxury, I truly do wonder why this has not been handled in '94, as of yet.

~ Referee and Faceoff Windows: Organized Mess. Has been proven editable in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5. Some of the sprites could become garbled in the editing process, if not handled correctly, especially the Offsides/Penalty Window sprites; the easiest to edit is the Faceoff Window, you can edit the wall in the image like a charm.

I know that there is a plentiful lot more that is not easy to edit in the Thirty Team ROM, but these are the major ones that truly need to be touched upon.

Wishfully, as we go about the upcoming times in the development of the 032 Team ROM, we will be able to obtain the luxury of editing these portions of the art and more with ease, anything to make this title ever more optimal to work with; now that we are in a generation of NHL ROM Hacking that does happen to focus more on the artwork than most other things that the game offers at this time, this truly be what needs to be worked on in conjunction with delivering to us the liberty of having two more teams per ROM image to edit up, which will allow for more unique and visually detailed ROM hacks such as what the Ball Hockey series, as well as Six Aside Soccer, Mack's Hacks NHL '06 & NHL '07, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I) have already presented to the lot of us, and even if what I am asking about here were to end up increasing the size of NHL '94 to 4096 KB or more, that would be completely okay, because that would allow for us to be able to work with more of what the original game offered while taking extremely less time to make new titles for the forum in a more complete form with the extra liberties on the art editing; again, even if not everything can be decompressed for the 032 Team ROM template, having more than what we already have truly would benefit more developers and newcomers in the long run, that is truly what counts here.

Either way though, I truly am glad to know that we will end up getting the 032 Team ROM eventually, that is strongly welcome in a time where the NHL and other leagues are getting larger and we are adapting to the modern times and standards, or at least preparing for them.

I will definitely follow this project more, going into the rest of this year, this truly does sound well worth it in the long run, and I truly cannot wait to view how the final product will be, come the time for it to be officially released' this truly does have the potential of allowing a lot of titles to both be made and/or updated, so wishfully, this expansion will do a lot with '94 and allow for new ideas and ambitions to be shared with all. (:

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Most of the stuff you want here will never happen, do you know how long it would take to replace each screen, ice, etc. with its own image, close to impossible and to time consuming.

here is some help on a few things

~ Instant Replay Menu

add the image you want in TM, then rearrange in hex editor

~ Player Cards

info on editing in TM here

info on 30 team rom


~ Lord Stanley's Cup

info on the playoffs screen here

sprite Stanley cup is in the player sprites, area location in TM - 0006E51C

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