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Here will be the format:

A large data base of players from through out hockey's history are going to be created into a large data pool.

Then, a random set of those players will become available to draft your initial team in a similar to fashion as to how we draft GDL from the '94 ROM, and prior to the draft, each player will be given an "age" for within the league, so you might not take the best player if he's older.

After each season, a "rookie" class randomly picked from the data pool of players that were not previously in the league will become populated to run that rookie draft. These rookies will also have a random age, but much closer to the 18-20 age of most rookies.

In the offseason, players will age/retire creating the holes in your roster making the draft necessary to fill/replace talent.

An example would be, Season 5 might have Bobby Hull in the rookie class, and Sidney Crosby retiring after Season 4, and you might have Cliff Ronning in his 3rd season on your team.

Ideas such as a minor league team to enable longer development times has been mentioned (Skeletor).

Player development based on previous season's stats was also mentioned (Skeletor).

Ideas will be open for discussion.

In order for the league to work, it will require to have more than one season a year. Replacements will happen faster and playoffs will not linger. It will be very open to newer coaches as they come in, and those players that will never go beyond A-/B+ (like me).

If you are interested and fall into that category, please PM me, AIM me or post here.

I'm hoping to get it to about 16 teams, with a top half/bottom half style tourney similar to how Halifax runs his leagues.

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Skels is right on with what I wanted to do, which is a current players dynasty league. Players are of real age. When a player retires, he retires. Players progress and regress. Two round actual rookie draft each season.

I went a step further and created a player database so we could do a salary cap.

Will there be a salary cap that is correlated with overall rating?

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Ok, first things:

In order to get the head count high enough and also enable "newer" users to come in and replace ones that drop out, some of the rules are going to have to not be over-complicated.

The database is going to be from through out history (at least to some point in time) till current. As the league ages, new real life rookies from the NHL will be eligible to be added to the database, and if a player improved enough before he was ever put into the actual league, we would probably update his profile prior for accuracy.

No salary cap, and I'll probably limit trading some. Primarily if you have a lot of trading w/ guys about to retire, the "newbies" always get f-'d in those systems, or guys who know they are about to quit always first make a bunch of bad LONG term trades to win now before they do. I've been in a bunch of Dynasty leagues for baseball & have a lot of experience on some of the pitfalls.

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Sounds easy enough. Will you be setting the rating system prior to the draft? I feel that could take a lot of time. Also, how will you rate players like Gordie Howe or Ray Bourque, for example?

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I've gotten several ?'s regarding weight bug & which rom would be used. I'd planned on using blitz rom but it wasn't locked.

The Blitz rom fixes weight bug & adds in checking as an actual value (plus removes the c/b).

So, I think to be able to put value in to old players w/ out making them fast, checking & stick handling are two skills that can be used to offset this & you could still leave weight accurate.

Remember, the draft has players from all eras & the user will pick the players he wants to play with, so even if the players are made bigger. & faster for today's guys, the teams that lace it up on the ice should still come out balanced because they went through a draft process.

Player data base (at least enough of it for the initial draft) would be done up front. If you have 14 teams at 14 players a team, you need a minimum of 196 players. Then you'd probably need 40 names a season to be eligible.

While I'd like to have more available in the beginning to make the process more random on who goes I to the draft, if it's slow in developing the database, I'd start the league when we had ~200 plus the 94 rom.

HOWEVER, can't start a league w/ out enough gents. So, if enough guys don't want a weight big fix or can't play till fall, etc, that could effect how things go.

I will communicate in private w/ everyone to avoid the chaos of it all. & then update later in the week as I get things finalized.

Coach Mac won't play but offered to help. Skeletor is in & helping, skip too . Plabax definitely was interested in helping w/ the database. I think if we do the database right, others can use it for making roms or their own dynasty style drafts as well.

Obviously, knowing which ROM is important before making database.

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If it's Blitz-like, I'm in. Love the WBF roms.

In terms of retirement - is it a solid age - or will there be a bit of randomness to it?

You'd want to know at the beginning of the season if a player will retire - so you can plan.

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I already gave a few suggestions to Brutus through PM, but they might be worth repeating here so we can brainstorm a bit. Regarding player attributes, I suggested that we could make a formula to generate the player's attributes from a few different stats (eg goals, PIM, assists, etc.). To make things more interesting, you could add a bit of randomness to the process. This is a bit arbitrary, but it's not like the regular NHL 94 attributes are that accurate in the first place. We could always tweak things a bit later. For example, we might want to bump up the speed for a player who is known to be fast. I could code this pretty easily if given a file with the player stats in it.

I like the idea of having player attributes change from one season to the next. Again a mathematical formula could be generated that modifies a player's attributes based on their age, games played, performance in the last season, etc. As above, I think that a bit of randomness would make things more interesting. This could also introduce a bit of strategy into the league. For example, you might want to put a rookie in the lineup in place of a better veteran to allow them to develop their attributes the next season.

For retirements, I like the idea of having a bit of randomness thrown in. We could randomly assign players to retirement after each season, but have it weighted so that older players are more likely to retire. I also think that injuries should be a factor as well, and that having more injuries would increase the probability of a player retiring. This would also introduce more strategy, as you might want to sit a player who has had injury troubles.

Just for the record, these are just some ideas that I had, but I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to take over Brutus' league. In the end it will be his decision on what to include in the league. Nonetheless, I hope that this generates some discussion and further ideas.

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I used to play an online baseball style simulation called SimDynasty. It was a lot of fun, and I did for a few years, so I learned a lot on what does/does not work for these type of leagues.

It had random player developments (plus a hidden development variable), random retirements, etc. and did not display the rookies skills entirely before the draft, and all kind of cool things that made being a GM more difficult. But it was a SIMULATION.

The one issue was some teams would end up looking like TOTAL DOOKIE and would need 4-5 seasons to recover and would have to go into tank mode looking for rookies to eventually develop into a competitive team. This is NOT a simulation, and teams will be wanting to play w/ their squads and not have it be DOOKIE :)

So, while I WOULD LOVE to make it really complicated, there are a few points that would stop this:

#1 Average length of a season could end up being 2-4 months w/ playoffs & drafts factored in.

#2 New coaches will be recruited to join in to replace guys as they drop out.

Both of these combos don't lead to complicated being a great thing.

Personally, if I found 12-16 cool buds WANTING to play w/ it all complicated, I'd say we should. However, privately, the messages I got from more than one guy were they wanted it to not be confusing.

However, feel free to "kick" tires!! It would not hurt.

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Ask the guys from Tecmo Bowl. They do the same thing and they are in season 24 or whatever.

They have a formula that determines how players' attributes change after each season.

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I'd also like to come up w/ a formula that determines a player's value for forward, for defense and for goalie.

I would use this to keep the league's talent balance in check when pulling rookie's from the talent pool.

Plus, in the event of expansion, you'd give a new team a random set of players from the pool that "fit" within some medium of the other teams and their players, and this formula would really come in handy.

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I'm also not pushing forward just yet on some of these ideas, and many good ones, because I'm trying to get a "count" of those interested and what makes them "in" or "out" before finalizing too many things.

If it ends up being small, the league would probably be able to go at a faster pace, and then have room for more of a simulation style changes season to season.

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I've also been in leagues with a "closed pool of talent", where the retired player's age is reset and he is re-entered into the draft pool.

Can't find the numbers, but retirement probability would look something like:

Age / Prob

30 / 65

31 / 70

32 / 75

33 / 80

34 / 85

35 / 90

36 / 91

37 / 92

38 / 93

39 / 94

40 / 95

41 / 96

42 / 97

43 / 98

44 / 99

45 / 100

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Need to also account for skill and injuries, as better players who don't get injured much generally last longer. So for example don't expect Crosby to play until he's 40. The Sedins, on the other hand...

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I think decisions like how LONG to keep players in the league, and how slow to develop the "rookies" will have to be based off of how many seasons we think we play a year.

The point would be to have turnover and variety created on your roster each season. If the pool size is deep enough, "recycling" wouldn't be necessary for quite some time.

Injuries would not be represented unless we tracked injuries during the season. Like getting knocked out for the period or game adds "x" percentage to your guys retirement each season. Hopefully, guys wouldn't desynch to avoid this :)

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ALSO, I had an idea I forgot to post about.

Dynasty is eligible for tag team coaches.

If you feel you won't be able to play a full season at all times, but have a bud that wants to join in, that works too.

I know for my fantasy baseball league that is keeper and heavy money, my brother & I enjoy "sharing" the team, and it gives us something to chat about on the phone from time to time. It also leads to interesting "conversations" come trade time/auction time".

Anyhow, if that helps any SNES guys join in who have some time, but not all time, etc. TEAM USERS welcome.

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I probably wouldn't be able to play, but if there's anyone who is just looking for games and doesn't want to draft/trade, hit me up on AIM and we can talk. I'd be willing to GM for a team.

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If it's Blitz-like, I'm in. Love the WBF roms.

In terms of retirement - is it a solid age - or will there be a bit of randomness to it?

You'd want to know at the beginning of the season if a player will retire - so you can plan.

Like a rental trade
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