What is your average typing speed? (WPM)

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74 words a minute on my laptop.

It's not raised, and doesn't have a place to rest your hands. I was happy to be above 60.

When I was in high school, I used to average 115/wpm, but I don't type nearly that much anymore.

Some dude had 174/wpm on there. CRAZY!

Cool link. That's Plabs.

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damn you landscaping job that messed up my fingers

(fingers appear fine, but just never worked quite the same after that job, all the vibration from the machines)

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Words per minute (WPM) 93 Keystrokes 488

(467 | 21) Correct words 91 Wrong words 4 You are better than 96.93% of all users (position 4538 of 147804 - last

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I refuse to take the test. My typing is so slow that I struggle to chat during games. I am so slow that I struggle to type "lol" during a SNES game in a timely manner. Hahahaha(I am serious though)

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i'm from the Derek Zoolander school for adults who can't type good and want to do other stuff good too...


good thing i don't work in software...hey wait a second

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