GDL 3 Playoffs - Looking Back

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Ron Barr Conference

(1) Angryjay93 - New York Islanders

(8) Kingscuprun93 - Los Angeles

(4) HABS - Montreal

(5) Jrodimus - Buffalo

(3) EricAnthony - Detroit

(6) Sebe - Quebec

(2) Scribe99 - Minnesota

(7) Vocally Caged - New York Rangers

Mark Lesser Conference

(1) IceStorm - Toronto

(8) thegr8199kings - Tampa Bay

(4) Skoolyardpuck - Ottawa

(5) Dmac - Vancouver

(3) kgman - Winnipeg

(6) Smozoma - Dallas

(2) Jamonica - Calgary

(7) Backhandfloater - Chicago

Round 1

Angryjay beats Kingscuprun in ?

HABS beats Jrodimus in ?

EricAnthony beats Sebe in ?

Vocally Caged beats Scribe in 7

thegr8199kings beats Icestorm in 6

Dmac beats Skoolyardpuck in 7

kgman beats Smozoma in 5

Jamonica beats Backhandfloater in 7

Round 2

Angryjay beats Vocally Caged in 7

kgman beats Dmac in 5

gr8199kings beats Jamonica in 6

HABS beats EricAnthony in ?

Round 3

kgman beats gr8199kings in ?

Angryjay beats HABS in ?

Round 4

kgman beats Angryjay in 7
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I'm pretty sure my series with Scribe went 7 games. I played it at a McDonalds because I needed to use Wittgenstein's computer and their wifi. It was epic. Oh and I blew a 3-0 lead to angryjay.

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My computer was broken for this series, had to play at a friend's place

Totally would have won otherwise! ;)

You should've played with Wittgenstein watching!

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