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[MD] Arena Graphics modification not working as desired

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Most NHL '94 ROM hacks that I have viewed on here that feature modern rosters have the obvious notable change to the gameplay visually, that being the modifications to the arena to have more people hanging out in the open sections on the sides, as well as the changes to the section in front of the Goal Net, and even as the two slanted lines that you view behind the net (I always had coined the area as the "Icing Section", but if it has a different name, then do correct me on that), among other probable design changes.

I probably will also have to know about this for the Pause Menu as well, but for now, we will just be touching the main arena, although I will return to this regarding the Pause Menu later on, when I know where the offset be for it.

The following is a compare and contrast between the visual layout of the Original Arena graphics and the Modern Arena edit, using two ROM hacks as the basis for my observation.


Above in the above image be the Original NHL '94 arena layout at Tile Molester offset 00056064, currently being used in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, the lower tile set is from NHL '94: Trapezoid Edit by Clockwise, which uses the Modern Arena layout.

Editing this by hand would have truly been complicating for me, as I do not know exactly which tiles are supposed to be edited to deliver the lines and the commentators, so I had used the Copy and Paste method as an example of what would happen if I had changed all of the tiles from the original layout with one of the modern designs; turns out that does not work as it was originally expected, the arena ends up obtaining the graphical changes for the slanted lines and commentators in either the glass or in their correct location with garbled sprites, and I know that is not how it is supposed to look at all.

I truthfully forget if there were a ROM Patcher here on the forums to apply the new arena layout (or at least the SWOS design for adding in the commentators, as depicted in NOSE), but if there is not any way to modify this by normal means or a patcher, then I will hold off on adding in the Modern Arena layout for now until it becomes probable.

While I am here though, I am rather curious for as to what I am doing wrong; I know that certain tiles are required to be modified in this section to change the lines and add the commentators on the ice, but I just do not know which ones to modify without accidentally corrupting the graphics; wishfully, this may be dealt with soon, this truly has been irking me for the past matter of weeks, so any help on this is well appreciated.

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Double Post.

This matter has been resolved.

Literally found out about the most recent incarnation of the Sprite Patch that was made to fix the matter that I was having, and this was within the last five minutes of the time of this post, so anything that was brought up by yours truly regarding arena editing troubles in this thread is now nullified.

Thought that I would at least bring that up before anybody were to reply to this, so I am glad that I had in time.

In the event that I have other troubles that need to be brought up regarding the topic on arena editing, I will probably talk about it in a new thread, if not this one, so for now, I will just say that things are progressing easily, no need for me to worry at this time. (:

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you could link to the solution post.

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Below are the links that I was able to look at to remedy the factor that I was having with working on the arena graphics, for any newcomers that are curious about this.

It's basically the How To guide for the Trapezoid Edit and the Sprite Patch page on Pixelpuck, but Tru is right, these are a must to have in the thread to clarify which solution(s) I had ended up using (Thanks for the reminder, by the way!), so that way, others could find it a little easier, makes sense to me.

~ Original post from "HOW TO: Trapezoid Edit":

~ Link to the Sprite Patch on Pixel Puck:

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