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Blitz 11 Draft Order: Please submit your protect list.

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Link to last year's google doc sheet:


#1 Tex NY Rangers

#2 Darko NJ

#3 Fitzo Quebec

#4 Lupz SJ

#5 Sicarius St. Louis

#6 Labs Pitt

#7 Hokkee Vancouver

#8 Skeletor Philly

#9 Zeppelin Winnipeg

#10 Wojo NY Islanders

#11 Zalex Chicago

#12 Chaos Calgary

#13 Raph Dallas

#14 Jer Toronto

#15 Plabax Anaheim

#16 J&J Washington

#17 Skip Boston

#18 Robro LA

#19 Brutus Florida

#20 Icestorm Detroit

#21 Jagr Hartford

#22 Scribe Edmonton

#23 Dicicon Buffalo

#24 HABS Montreal

Edited by Brutus
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Jer - Toronto - Protects

RND 2: Jagr, RND 4: Barrasso, RND 6: SKIP, RND 8: Zezel , RND 10: Marchment, RND 12: Wregget

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San Jose

Rd 2 No protect

Rd 4 G Bill Ranford

Rd 6 F Nick Borshevsky

Rd 8 No protect

Rd 10 D Chris Joseph

RD 12 No protect

Edited by Lupz27
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Rd 2 - no protects

Rd 4 - Goalie McLean

Rd 6 - Brian Bradley

Rd 8 - LeClair

no more after that

Edited by Sicarius
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Round 2- Gary Roberts (F)

Round 4-

Round 6- Chris Terreri (G)

Round 8- drop

Round 10- drop

Round 12- drop

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"Confused", you've always been a polite guy Brutus haha!

Here goes:

Rd 2 x

Rd 4 James Patrick

Rd 6 Kevin Dineen

Rd 8 x

Rd10 x

Rd12 x

Edited by Fitzo
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Some coaches haven't submitted protects, so I'm doing their's and if they change it before their 1st pick, ok.

But, a big FU to the slackers already.

Zalex ->

Rd 2 A. Iafrate

Rd 4 Ruzicka

Rd 6 T. Steen

Rd 8 Zubov

Rd 10 G. Adams

Rd 12 P. Jablonski

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sorry man I just got on to make my picks. Ignore previous hold of Beezer. I'm sticking with dumping all.

Thank you sir and sorry for the delay.

Edited by jagr68
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