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SDL 4 round 1 and 2


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I won't set deadlines for today. Will see how it goes and maybe add some later.

Here is a Google doc from hazmat(thank you bud!) to track draft results, team rosters and to check player ratings:


Draft order:

1. fank009 - Mario Lemieux

2. Bob Kudelski - Cam Neely

3. Bo Knows NHL 94 - Mogilny

4. Brutus - Lindros

5. BlackDevil19 - Jagr

6. kingraph - Messier

7. c4outlaws - Ray Bourque

8. fenty - Luc Robitaille

9. XCing 1030 - Pavel Bure

10.Hazmat 13 - Teemu Selanne

11.annatar - Steve Yzerman

12.Oilers442 - Al Iafrate

13.stheds2000 - Adam Oates

14.jackandjose - Mike Gartner

15.nhl94halifax - Scott Stevens

Round 2

16.nhl94halifax - Chris Chelios

17.jackandjose - Paul Coffey

18.stheds2000 - Lafontaine

19.Oilers442 - Zarley Zalapski

20.annatar - Rob Blake

21.Hazmat 13 - Thomas Sandstrom

22.XCing 1030 - Dave Manson

23.fenty - Mark Recchi

24.c4outlaws - Kirk Muller

25.kingraph - Jeremy Roenick

26.Blackdevil19 - Kevin Hatcher

27.Brutus - Petr Klima

28.Bo Knows NHL94 - Steve Smith

29.Bob Kudelski - Pierre Turgeon

30.fank009 - Brett Hull

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Hazmat has been kind enough to put together a Google doc to track the draft results and to check player ratings. Thanks bud!


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Jackandjose: Next up to select with the 15th and 16th picks, the Brooklyn Islanders!

Halifax walks up to podium

Halifax: I want to take this time to thank jackandjose for conducting this draft for an excellent core group of snes buds....a solid list from top to 2nd from the bottom. I'd also like to thank our fans watching back at the Fenty Fango Pub in Norn Iron. Bingo Bango buds! With our fist pick I'd like to call up Mr. Bok Nows to make the selection.

Bok Nows: The Pittsburgh Penguins select on behalf of the Brooklyn Islanders with their first selection....the following bud.


The crowd booos on the terrible first overall selection for the franchise.

Halifax back the podium.

Halifax: Thank you Mr. Nows for the selection. I'd now like to bring up Fank to make our next pick.

Fank steps up to the podium

Fank whispers to The Brooklyn owners (but you can hear it through the mic): Kamensky?

Halifax shakes his head and slapes Fank.

Fank: With the second over all pick the Brooklyn Islanders select the following bud.


Halifax: Thanks Fank. We will also announce that Chris will be our Captain and we expect him to play with the team until he's at least 45, or at least until the end of the season when we release all our players.

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