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#1 IF your time is reached before you pick, the draft can proceed by skipping over you.

#2 The draft cannot pass up anyone further on down the line until his time is reached.

#3 If you don't make your pick before the end of the round, you will be awarded highest overall player based on position need.

EXAMPLE: Your pick is Friday at 10:00 am. You are up and it's Friday 10:01 am, the next guy can pick and you are skipped until you show up and pick. The next guy after that can pick as well, but he probably wouldn't be allowed to be skipped by say the 3rd or 4th team down the order until their time was passed as well.

So, if enough dudes are online and your clock expires, you could LOSE 6-7 draft slots!

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WHICH IS WHY MOST NON-A-HOLES leave a pick list or PM me a list or AIM me a list, etc, or find someone else to leave a list with, etc.

I set first few days of the draft up to be slow, but after Friday, it will pick up pace for times and gaps in between. I will post Round 3, 4.5 & 5 later on tonight when I see the pace of this Round 1.

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