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SDL round 3 and 4


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SDL 4 rounds 3 and 4

Link to draft:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yV5y7OA_29tTW6OzI4dx2tPQXv5xf1DtEllt41sxSbw/htmlview

Draft order(please pick by time indicated or be skipped-all times are Eastern Standard Time):

3.01 fank009(10:00 AM Friday) - Larry Murphy

3.02 Bob Kudelski(11:00 AM Friday) - Alexei Kasatonov

3.03 Bo Knows NHL94(12:00 PM Friday) - Esa Tikkanen

3.04 Brutus(1:00 PM Friday) - Mike Modano

3.05 blackdevil19(2:00 PM Friday) - Kevin Stevens

3.06 kingraph(3:00 PM Friday) - Phil Housley

3.07 c4outlaws(4:00 PM Friday) - Trevor Linden

3.08 fenty(5:00 PM Friday) - Brian Leetch

3.09 XCing 1030(6:00 PM Friday) - Gary Suter

3.10 Hazmat 13(7:00 PM Friday) - Jimmy Carson

3.11 annatar(8:00 PM Friday) - Gary Roberts

3.12 oilers442(9:00 PM Friday) - Mats Sundin

3.13 stheds2000(10:00 PM Friday) - Dave Ellet

3.14 jackandjose (11:00 PM Friday) - Benoit Hogue

3.15 nhl94halifax(9:00 AM Saturday) - Ed Belfour

Round 4

4.01 nhl94halifax(9:00 AM Saturday) - Doug Gilmour

4.02 jackandjose(10:00 AM Saturday) - Patrick Roy

4.03 stheds2000(11:00 AM Saturday) - Steve Duchense

4.04 oilers442(12:00 PM Saturday) - Joe Sakic

4.05 annatar(1:00 PM Saturday) - Ulf Samuelsson

4.06 hazmat 13(2:00 PM Saturday) - James Patrick

4.07 XCing 1030(3:00 PM Saturday) - Theo Fluery

4.08 fenty(4:00 PM Saturday) - Al Macinnis

4.09 c4outlaws(5 PM Saturday) - Glen Wesley

4.10 kingraph(6 PM Saturday) - Sergei Fedorov

4.11 blackdevil19(7 PM Saturday) - Eric Desjardins

4.12 Brutus(8 PM Saturday) - Marty McSorley

4.13 Bo Knows NHL94(9 PM Saturday) - Wayne Gretzky

4.14 Bob Kudelski(10 PM Saturday) - Brendan Shanahan

4.15 fank009(11 PM Saturday) - Jeff Brown

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Halifax steps up to the podium....and then gary bettman intervenes.

Gary: There's no podium for the later rounds....you just pick.

Death Asylum : Death to you Bettman!

Gary: Well that was rather rude.

Gary starts to walk off the Stage

Brutus: C U Next Tuesday Gary!

Gary: Thank you...I will see you then! What a fine young lad that Brutus is!

Halifax: (Ahem)...Thank you again everyone and for Jackandjose for giving me some extra air time on stage. Fenty will be making our 45th and 46th selections.

Fenty: Hello you disgusting pukes! One sec...I'll be right back.

(40 minutes later)

Halifax: Okay well I guess he's not coming back even though he said he would and I trusted him. I'll ask stheds2000 to make the next pick....and I'd like to congratulate him as well for smashing me in the face in the Saskatoon tourney.

Stheds2000: With the 45th selection, the Brooklyn Islanders select the following bud.


Halifax: Thanks bud....now we have goaltending and defense and no one else....this draft is going terrible. To make our next selection, I present Mr. Bob Kudelski. Luv U bob.

Bobkudelski: With the 46th selection the Brooklyn Islanders select the following bud.


Thank you Bob for that selection....now we have the light weight player that no one else wanted because he's light and will get smashed all over the place.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience. Look forward to rounds 5 and 6.

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The next best player is Roy that should go to Fentytheone. But he would probably prefer wayne

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fenty gets Brian Leetch(best available defenseman to fill his need)

The Washington Capitals select Patrick Roy

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With the Forty (something, garbled, something) pick in the 2015 Fantasy Draft, the New York Rangers select -


James Patrick

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