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Blitz 11 Season under WAY! (For most of us)


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Teams are locked.

Finalize your lines as the ROM is about to be finalized.

I'd like to enable games to be played starting Monday w/ a 6 games/wk checkpoint(s), and go from there. If not Monday, the first available day of this coming week we will start the season.


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For those strokes unaware, the season has started.

Fitz has pm'ed me about traveling through the end of July, and won't be around till beginning of August, so he'll have zero games played and some catching up to do then.

I will be on vacation from this Wednesday, and getting back Monday the 27th, as I'm heading to New Jersey/New York for a wedding and family "fun" 2 day trip to NYC.

Please try NOT to fall behind more than 2 weeks of deadlines, as at 6 games a week, you only need to really get on one day/afternoon or evening to hit that per week.

Since it's summer, I will try to keep this updated with anyone's traveling schedule so we know to excuse you/not look for you.

PM me any extended travel plans so we can keep this updated and the season rolling!

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Labs will be on vacation from 8/1 through 8/15.

It would be great if some B league buds reach out & help him log done games this week before he steps away.

Thanks Brutus, yea guys I will try to be on tonight, this week, and next week as much as I can before I leave. Nights and weekends are best for me. Weekend nights I can be up LATE if need be. Let me know Edited by LABS_66
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I as well. Very sorry for slackung, been very busy. Looking to play my first 6 at least tonight

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GDL draft probably more fun than either GDL or Blitz actual season for half of us involved, so I'm sure that plus an exi type weekend will put a damper in Blitz games.

That said, there are some coaches in need of some make up games. Please realize if you were one of them, and avoid being down to 1 team instead of 2 and make some effort to get a handful of those games in.

Also, it's the last "Blitz" season, so I'd rather not DRAG it out for eons to help 1/5th of the league get to completion. IF enough guys are at the finish line come end of the season, I'll just end it, and make the adjustments for playoffs.

IF we need to delay because a larger portion of guys are not at the finish line or close enough to it, then we will delay.

Classic, Toronto and GDL coming soon so, can't delay too much.

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