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I had an idea for an edit to NHL 94 but I am really bad at editing the game I dont get it I tried it and im very horrible at it.

I was wondering if there was someone on this site that would like to assist me editing the game. like maybe use my ideas and maybe try and teach me in the process.


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it really depends on what you are trying to do. there is a LOT of stuff in the editing section. you could spend the next few weeks reading all of the topics and trying to replicate the advice, but it might not cover what you have in mind, so let's jump to what your idea is and let's see if there is some particular advice to be offered. generally typing, the Genesis version is easily hacked, but there are also some hard parts that must be accounted for if certain aspects are to be involved. I started years ago with the simple idea of seeing my name "in the game." that evolved fairly quickly once I got into hacking the SNES version; now I have several support programs ready to run for my, what... sixth year of custom roster updates in my version of the game. start small and read the boards. what is your idea?

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Thanks tru.

What I want to do is edit the game

Where I take out the NHL teams and put in all the teams from the 3 mighty ducks movies and the teams from the 2 slap shot movies and basically make a mighty ducks vs slap shot rom. Put all teams from the ducks movies in one conference and all the teams from the slap shot movies in the other conference.

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well, if you just want to replace the names of players and teams, you can learn to do that this week. if you want to replace images and other advanced aspects, you have a few months of serious learning ahead of you. start by collecting the programs mentioned in the hacking resources. use the threads and links section to find the latest versions of the game editor and the graphics editor(s) and a hex editor and whatever else you find. practice using their features while following along in the help threads. make a new saved ROM file after every change you make, so you can go back to the previous one(s) to undo changes. hack and test and share and hack and test and....

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I'm not a Geneis guy, so I'll defer on this one, but my supposition is toward the earlier incarnations being easier.

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They are the same.

NOSE does most everything that you want to do except banners and logos.

93 is easier because you only have banners.

The hardest thing for me to learn was doing logos in 94.

Oh and 94 also has EARE which is a great tool for editing some things NOSE does not.

You can do those things in 93 but have to use a Hex editor.

77 has the Chiefs and Bulldogs in some of his tough guy roms.

So those banners are done.

If I still had a PC or could get Boot Camp running I would help you, but all I got is a Mac for now.

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Thanks coach

Yea I wouldn't mind just doing the banners and names and rosters in nhlpa 93 to practice. Do you know If there's any tutorial videos out there. I learn best by watching. I have really bad A D D so reading all that info is what makes it a little hard for me to learn. It's easier for me to visually learn with stuff that's a little complicated

And thank all you guys for all your help. I really appreciate it.

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