Saskatoon 'the 90 Jacket' tournament

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Date: July 19, 2015







Used kingof94 rules for team selection and classic 94 for game settings and tie breakers

Play each person twice in round robin.

Must win two games to qualify for playoffs.

Hali EDM - 5

Tyler HAR - 3

Tyler LA - 2

Hali BOS - 4

Jacket HAR 4 (We were a bit miffed by jacket's team selection on this one but he proved us wrong)

Stheds BUF 2

Stheds DET 4

Jacket BOS 5

Jacket QUE 4

Hali MON 3

Hali STL 7

Jacket PHI 3

stheds WSH 5

Tyler QUE 4

Tyler BOS 7

stheds CHI 5

Jacket BUF 7

Tyler CHI 10

Tyler WPG 4

Jacket QUE 8

stheds WPG 4

Hali VAN 5

Hali NYI 2 (I had the chance to eliminate stheds from the playoffs...was up 2-0, then felt the wrath of Semak and he qualified)

stheds NJ 5


1.Halifax 4-2 (plus/minus tiebreaker)

2.the90jacket 4-2

3.Tylerdealhill 2-4 (plus/minus tiebreaker)

4. stheds2000 2-4

Semis best of 3

stheds QUE 4

hali MON 2

Hali CAL 6 (I was down 5-0 and then 6-4...scored with 15 seconds left to tie...really thought I was gonna force a game 3....but the magic man delivered in his never say die attitude.)

stheds DET 7 (OT)

Tyler Mon 7

Jacket BOS 6

Jacket QUE 10

Tyler DET 3

Tyler CHI 5

Jacket MON 6 (Jacket scored late to win it)

Finals Best of 3.

stheds MON 5

Jacket WAS 6

Jacket LA 4

stheds MON 5 (OT) (again stheds2000 with a late comeback and winner)

stheds TOR 3

Jacket VAN 9

It's a ton of fun playing with these guys. 70% of the games were 2 goals or less.

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Sounds like a good time and a very competitive tournament.

I had a job opportunity in Saskatoon two years ago. I barely even considered it, but IF I knew these tourneys were happening, it might have tipped the scales to the West a little bit if you know what I'm saying.

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WHAT!?! bud, you should've consulted me first. its never too late!

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Another Jacket tournament this Sunday. Will post scores.

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Jacket and Tyler are 2-1, stheds and Hali 1-2 so far

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Date: August 30, 2015

Stheds WAS 6

Hali BUF 4

Hali OTT 5

Stheds TB 4 (I've got a video of a goal to post that I shot from an iphone, see next post).

Jacket HAR 9

Tyler CAL 5

Tyler MON 5

Jacket BOS 3

Tyler PHI 7

Hali STL 4

Hali Van 6

Tyler WIN 9

Jacket QUE 3

Stheds DET 5

stheds NYR 7

Jacket CHI 8

Tyler DAL 2

Stheds EDM 5

stheds NJ 3

Tyler NYI 2

Hali TOR 2

Jacket LA 3

jacket SJ 2

Hali PIT 10 (jacket picked this match up, he gave me a break since I needed to win just to make the playoffs at this point.)

1st Stheds2000 4-2

2nd Tylerdeanhill 3-3 (Overall +/- tiebreaker)

3rd The90jacket 3-3

4th Halifax 2-4


Hali CAL 5

Stheds NYR 9

Stheds BOS 6

Hali DET 3 (had leads in both of these games. The magic man just owns the third period)

Stheds wins best of 3, 2-0

Jacket BUF 8

Tyler QUE 5

Tyler MON 6

Jacket CHI 4

Jacket HAR 5

Tyler WAS 3

The90jacket wins best of 3, 2-1


Jacket ANA 4

Stheds OTT 6

Stheds VAN 8

Jacket WIN 4

Stheds wins series 2-0 and the coveted nhl'94 jacket.

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I was playing stheds2000. Wendel Young clears it, I activate my goalie and it goes in...Laughs were had at my expense.


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Tough break man, especially when Sidorkiewicz can make saves like this

In hockey, all things equal out with Wendell fanning on a hail mary dump-in himself lol.

nice clips! I loved the old rock em sock ems!

Stinky Pete didn't make any saves like that for me.

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Next Jacket tournament coming up April 23rd at the home of the Hali.

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AngryJay and I and 4 non-forum guys are playing TSB and 94 at my house tonight!

BOOM! nice bud.

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AngryJay and I and 4 non-forum guys are playing TSB and 94 at my house tonight!

Where are the pics and results coach!!!!

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Sorry bud I'll be overseas at that time.

Would love to compete for the jacket some day.

Yes! It'd be great to have you for that at some point! Need to move here bud.

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Jacket Tournament coming up this Saturday Night at my place with the Stoon 4 Horseman @halifax @tylerdeanhill @The90Jacket @stheds2000, in preparation for Vegas. 8PM MST Start.

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21 minutes ago, annatar said:

If only my sponsorship deal had come through in time...

Chuck E. Cheese?

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AJ just texted me...$737 for a plane ticket here....likely not gonna make it...but awesome he looked into it.

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Just played an exhi with stheds2000  and of course I did not score a goal.


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Round Robin, no one can pick a team that's already been selected (this gets reset for the semis and final)

Must win 2 games to qualify for the playoffs

The rest is kingof94 rules.


Round Robin - Home Vs Away

1.Tylerdeanhill - Pit 1 vs stheds2000 - Det 6

2. stheds2000 - Que 4 vs Tylerdeanhill - Mtl 5

3. the90jacket - Bos 1 vs Halifax  - Chi 4 

4. Halifax Buffalo 2 vs the90jacket - Win 3

5. stheds2000 - Van 2 vs the90jacket - Har 5

6. the90jacket - LA 6 vs stheds2000 -Tor 7 

7. tylerdealhill NYI 6 vs Halifax NJ 5

8. Halifax Cal 8 vs tylerdeanhill Edm 5

9. Halifax Ott 3 vs Stheds2000 Ana 1

10. stheds2000 Stl 5 vs Halifax Dal 4 OT

11. the90jacket Was 0 vs tylerdeahhill Phi 7

12. tylerdeanhill TB 5 vs the90jacket Fla 4


Round robin standings

1.Tyler 4-2

2.halifax 3-3, win tie break on head to head +/-

3.stheds2000 3-3

4.the90jacket 2-4



1. Tylerdeanhill PIT 2 vs the90jacket DET 4

2. the90jacket Har 4 vs tylerdeanhill NYI 3

the90jacket wins series 2-0


1. Halifax BOS 3 vs stheds2000 DET 8

2. stheds2000 CHI 3 vs Halifax TOR 2

stheds2000 wins series 2-0.



1. stheds2000 PIT 6 vs the90jacket DET 1

2. the90jacket Win 4 vs stheds2000 WAs 3 OT

3. stheds2000 NYR 4 vs the90jacket MTL 3

stheds2000 wins the coveted NHL'94 Jacket 2-1.



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They keep this book in the jacket for all the tournaments they've had to compete for it.



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Clearly they don't tailor the jacket for the winner like the Masters haha.

I jest, looking good bud.

Hali, it looks like you're overdue to win one of these! Thanks for sharing. Love those close games and the Healy robbery.

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