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[MD] NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM: HivePal Offsets (Palette Editing)

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Finally about time that I had gotten around to doing this.

I had promised this months ago, didn't have the free time to get around to doing this until now, so better later on than never, I would admit.

Title says it all, this thread is primarily for those looking for the Starting Offsets of each palette that is able to be edited in HivePal, yet are probably not able to find certain starting points.

For obvious reasons, in order to prevent messing up your palette when saving to the ROM image, deal with only the second to sixteenth colour in the palette after it is loaded, the first colour truly does not need to be touched unless if the screen uses all 0I6 colours that the palette provides.

Please also note that certain listings might have more than one offset for it listed.

For example, the "High Score Productions and Mark Lesser Present...." Splash Screen has three separate palettes that require editing if you are using an image that fills up the entire screen, and three offsets are provided for teams; the first two offsets for the teams will be for their Main Menu Banner (Visitor, then Home), while the third offset is for that team's Main Menu Logo; everything else will just have one offset unless if it be explained.

Primary Offsets: Non~Main Menu Logo offsets that are changable without giving error:

~ Main Menu: 04D5AA.

~ Ron Barr's Commentary, Playoff Screen, and Menu Screens: 05523A (Main Screens), 05525A (Playoff Mode Banners), 05527A, and 05529A (Unknown to me, I will assume that these probably are for the Team Roster and Player Card palettes accordingly, as these two offsets seem to have different palettes for their text, when compared to the previous two.)

~ Arena Palette 0I: 059924.

~ Arena Palette 02: 059944.

~ Ron Barr's Commentary Screen, "Hot" and "Cold" Sprites: 0BD3C2. (11CDFA also has this same palette. In the event that 0BD3C2 does not help you out on editing the "Hot" and "Cold" Sprites' palette, then use 11CDFA instead.)

~ Player Cards Screen and Background: 0E913C.

~ "High Score Productions and Mark Lesser Present...." Splash Screen: 0F5162 (Top Row), 0F51A2 (Center Row), and 0F51C2 (Bottom Row).

~ EA Sports Splash Screen: 1086EA. (How surprising that the EA Sports Splash Screen offset would end in "EA". A coincidence, I am positive; I do not assume that was intentional at all.)

~ Title Screen: 1195A6 (Main Title Screen Image), 1195C6 (NHL Logo), and 1195E6 (NHLPA Logo), and 11C302 (Game Title Logo).

Main Menu Offsets: Palettes that affect the Banners (first and second offsets) and Team Logos (third offset) at the Main Menu.

~ Team 0I: 1C6982, 1C69A2, 1C81EE.

~ Team 02: 1C69C2, 1C69E2, 1C820E.

~ Team 03: 1C6A02, 1C6A22, 1C822E.

~ Team 04: 1C6A42, 1C6A62, 1C824E.

~ Team 05: 1C6A82, 1C6AA2, 1C826E.

~ Team 06: 1C6AC2, 1C6AE2, 1C828E.

~ Team 07: 1C6B02, 1C6B22, 1C82AE.

~ Team 08: 1C6B42, 1C6B62, 1C82CE.

~ Team 09: 1C6B82, 1C6BA2, 1C82EE.

~ Team 0I0: 1C6BC2, 1C6BE2, 1C830E.

~ Team 0II: 1C6C02, 1C6C22, 1C832E.

~ Team 0I2: 1C6C42, 1C6C62, 1C834E.

~ Team 0I3: 1C6C82, 1C6CA2, 1C836E.

~ Team 0I4: 1C6CC2, 1C6CE2, 1C838E.

~ Team 0I5: 1C6D02, 1C6D22, 1C83AE.

~ Team 0I6: 1C6D42, 1C6D62, 1C83CE.

~ Team 0I7: 1C6D82, 1C6DA2, 1C83EE.

~ Team 0I8: 1C6DC2, 1C6DE2, 1C840E.

~ Team 0I9: 1C6E02, 1C6E22, 1C842E.

~ Team 020: 1C6E42, 1C6E62, 1C844E.

~ Team 02I: 1C6E82, 1C6EA2, 1C846E.

~ Team 022: 1C6EC2, 1C6EE2, 1C848E.

~ Team 023: 1C6F02, 1C6F22, 1C84AE.

~ Team 024: 1C6F42, 1C6F62, 1C84CE.

~ Team 025: 1C6F82, 1C6FA2, 1C84EE.

~ Team 026: 1C6FC2, 1C6FE2, 1C850E.

~ Team 027: 1C7002, 1C7022, 1C852E.

~ Team 028: 1C7042, 1C7062, 1C854E.

~ Team 029: 1C7082, 1C70A2, 1C856E.

~ Team 030: 1C70C2, 1C70E2, 1C858E.

That is all of the offsets that I could find that deliver some form of significant or relevant change to the palettes without messing around with and/or corrupting the ROM image, perhaps this will help out some of you massively in your editing skills, when it comes to the game's graphics, I had to find these to find ways to make some of the sprites (especially the text) look as proper as probable, while the rest were for either obvious reasons or to make the game look as visually polished as probable.

In the event that you find other offsets in the Thirty Team ROM that could have their palettes modified without corrupting the ROM image, then do list them in a comment and I will edit this post accordingly to assure that it be as complete as probable.

Anyhoo, folks, I truly am hoping that the lot of you will obtain some major positives out of this, I am more than positive that you will be able to make the visual look of your Thirty Team ROM hacks ever more beautiful than before using this rather vital information on editing the palettes properly.

As always, I am always ever so glad to be of assistance, and at all times; wishfully, this information will be put to good use, I completely feel that a lot of positives may come from being able to edit as much of the game's palette as we are able to, especially to improve the artwork in any known form. (:

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Thanks for doing this. Is there anything here that isn't covered in wboys TM screenshots?

Also, Tile Molester (for whatever reason) uses decimal mode to import palettes. Adding the decimal value will be helpful.

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You are greatly welcome.

Very glad to have done this; I know that a lot of people probably were having trouble with finding particular offsets for particular palettes, so this helps open up a lot of probabilities for a lot of the developers here art wise. (:

At the moment, I cannot vouch for anything regarding Tile Molester palette importing, I still have to change palettes by hand in TM for now until I or somebody else figures out this properly, knowing these particular offsets in HivePal now.

Also, I think that it was mentioned on here, probably by Smozoma or another member, HivePal and Tile Molester have different offsets for both the palettes and the artwork, so I do not know if palette importing would be easy to do, even with the information on the starts of palettes being available to all of us now; perhaps somebody could assist on this, I truly am unsure on what the Decimal values would be at this time.

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Double Post.

Now, I do not know if these are accurate values, as all that I have done here is simply convert the Hex Value offsets to Decimal Value, thanks to this website (, and I have yet to experiment with these offsets at the time of this post.

All palettes except for the banners are present here, those are shared with the Team Logo offsets; if these do not work, then do inform me, and we will have to figure this out as a combined force, as palette importing using TM is not my forte at this time.

Primary Offsets:

~ Main Menu: 316842.

~ Arena Palette 0I: 366884.

~ Arena Palette 02: 366916.

~ Hot and Cold Text Sprites: 775106 (For the alternate offset from HivePal, use 1166842.).

~ "High Score Productions and Mark Lesser Present...." Splash Screen: 1003874 (Top Row), 1003938 (Center Row), and 1003970 (Bottom Row).

~ EA Sports Splash Screen: 1083114.

~ Title Screen: 1152422 (Main Title Screen Image), 1152454 (NHL Logo), 1152486 (NHLPA Logo), and 1164034 (Game Title Logo).

Main Menu Team Logo Offsets:

~ Team 0I: 1868270.

~ Team 02: 1868302.

~ Team 03: 1868334.

~ Team 04: 1868366.

~ Team 05: 1868398.

~ Team 06:1868430.

~ Team 07: 1868462.

~ Team 08: 1868494.

~ Team 09: 1868526.

~ Team 0i0: 1868558.

~ Team 0Ii: 1868590.

~ Team 0I2: 1868622.

~ Team 0I3: 1868654.

~ Team 0I4: 1868686.

~ Team 0I5: 1868718.

~ Team 0I6: 1868750.

~ Team 0I7: 1868782.

~ Team 0I8: 1868814.

~ Team 0I9: 1868846.

~ Team 020: 1868878.

~ Team 02i: 1868910.

~ Team 022: 1868942.

~ Team 023: 1868974.

~ Team 024: 1869006.

~ Team 025: 1869038.

~ Team 026: 1869070.

~ Team 027: 1869102.

~ Team 028: 1869134.

~ Team 029: 1869166.

~ Team 030: 1869198.

As stated above, this was simple conversion that I had done, I honestly do not know if these offsets will work for us in TM, at the time of this post.

In the event that anybody is able to test these out and deliver their observations, then that will be completely appreciated at this time, anything to optimize handling the palette editing for this game and for editing sprites and the screens properly.

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