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Playoffs w/ Fank & uber crazy play

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First off, thanks for the great series Fank. Went to game 7, tied 2-2 in the 3rd period, finished 3-2, my way this time. GGMS.

Second, check out the box score in the SDL league games we played after our series.


3 penalties all at the same time. Starts out w/ Lindros getting checked on the side of the net w/out the puck and Hextall coming over and smashing his fallen corpse to gain the penalty for his team. Interference #1.

Then, in an unprecedented move, Hextall takes off and instead of heading to the boards to get off the ice, he goes out mid-ice and starts knocking over my team WHILE UNDER CPU control. Fanks off trying to hold the puck to wait for his 6th man advantage, and I'm racking up penalties for MID-ICE INTERFERENCE!!!

God, I wish we had that moment recorded.

3 penalties, one labeled charging, but it was all for running into Hextall's fat arse!!!

Absolutely hilarious and STUPID in the same breath.

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haha that's awesome. ya I found you can guide your goalie down the ice by having the puck carrier follow behind him.

There's like a force field around the goalie that nudges him based on the puck carrier. I posted a sweet pic several years ago with Robert Dirk and Kirk Mclean in the offensive zone.

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