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Please support this plea to EA to let us play NHL 94 online in the upcoming EA NHL 16

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I feel that the probability of us getting NHL '94 as a part of NHL 'I6 could be rendered as debatable, as although this be the 025th title in the entire series, it technically is not the 025th Anniversary Special, which would be NHL 'I7, in this case, in the event that it is indeed released in August or September of 20I6.

If Electronic Arts and EA Sports were to put NHL '94 into NHL 'I6, then that also means that they would have to port NHL Hockey '92 as well, because that was the first game of the 025 in the franchise, and it would only make sense to bring back the title that had started it all rather than the title that most people from Generation IV console gaming are familiar with, the title that had popularized the series; please do bear in mind that I am not saying that NHL '94 is not necessary for a Generation 08 console NHL title, as it truly be required for it at some point, but I do not expect them to do anything until NHL Hockey '92 turns 025 next year, even though NHL 'I6 is the 025th installment of the series, as stated above; some might happen to be able to view it this way, as it is a bit confusing yet is understandable; Madden NFL Football (I988)'s 025th Anniversary title (what was not titled Madden NFL 'I4) is also a prime example of this too, as that is the 030th title in the franchise, but because it be the Anniversary Special, that was the title to have the special content and/or any significant changes towards its structure.

NHL 'I6 could go either way though, we could probably get something that has been kept under wraps, in the event that it be retro content.

To be truthful though, I would not count this title to bring any major extras because it is not the 025th Anniversary Special, unless if it be something that a lot of the fans or the team truly want to have implemented; for now though, in the event that we do not obtain anything such as NHL '94 in NHL 'I6, then just wait for NHL Hockey '92's 025th Anniversary and/or NHL 'I7, I am pretty sure that EA Sports definitely has something planned for that title; in the event that it be an optimal version of NHL Hockey '92 or an NHL Hockey: 025th Anniversary Complete Collection bulk set of the first 026 titles in the series (either on their original consoles or ported to the PlayStation 04; keeping the Xbox One out of this because there are more PlayStation line titles by comparison, starting with '96), then hey, that truly will be welcome for all of us, and if we get something else, then we get something else, I won't complain.

Let's wish that whatever they do be for the better of the fanbase and franchise though, bringing in the original titles in the form of optimized ports truly will allow fans of the series from the prior decades to actually get back into it again, I've not a doubt in my mind that this be a major truth.

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