[MD] NHL '98: Hex Editor Offsets (Text Editing)

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While I have been busy on MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, I have been doing some Mini~Hacks here and there with other NHL titles, preferably the Genesis version of NHL '98.

Because NHL '98 is not really modifiable graphically at this time, I am mostly making the game far similar to MIAA 20I5 in my selection of palette and ruleset, as well as making the game playable on both a PAL and Japanese Megadrive, among a few other things.

However, I am also editing some of the text in the game as well, so I had thought that it would be lovely for you folks to know where you may edit the text for the game in a Hex Editor, for those that are curious with the ROM image known as NHL 98 (U) [c][!].bin, and wishfully, this will allow other developers to have a faster time getting to each chunk of text.

Similar to my NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM Text Editing notes that I have on this forum, you will view the starting and ending coordinates for each block of text, so that way, you know where to begin and where to end; any errors in coordinates that you find will be edited accordingly by yours truly, if any that I list are inaccurate; please also note that the Roster Information coordinates for each team are from the original ROM image, the ROM image that I am using for these notes does not have any of the rosters edited at all; the Roster Information offsets will change after you edit the rosters in NOSE, so do ignore those offsets if you are using NOSE for editing your rosters instead.

With that said, here be the offsets that I could find for NHL '98.

~ Region Lock Text: 00000525, 0000058C.

~ Roster Information ~ Anaheim: 0000090A, 00000B98.

~ Roster Information ~ Boston: 00000C3C, 00000EAE.

~ Roster Information ~ Buffalo: 00000F52, 000011CE.

~ Roster Information ~ Calgary: 00001272, 000014F9.

~ Roster Information ~ Chicago: 0000159C, 00001816.

~ Roster Information ~ Colorado: 000018BA, 00001B02.

~ Roster Information ~ Dallas: 00001BA6, 00001E14.

~ Roster Information ~ Detroit: 00001EB8, 00002151.

~ Roster Information ~ Edmonton: 000021F4, 0000246C.

~ Roster Information ~ Florida: 00002510, 00002792.

~ Roster Information ~ Carolina: 00002836, 00002A77.

~ Roster Information ~ Los Angeles: 00002B1E, 00002DAA.

~ Roster Information ~ Montreal: 00002E4E, 000030A3.

~ Roster Information ~ New Jersey: 00003146,00003386.

~ Roster Information ~ New York Islanders: 0000342A, 00003646.

~ Roster Information ~ New York Rangers: 000036EA, 0000397A.

~ Roster Information ~ Ottawa: 00003A1E, 00003CB4.

~ Roster Information ~ Philadelphia: 00003D58, 00003FB3.

~ Roster Information ~ Phoenix: 00004056, 000042DD.

~ Roster Information ~ Pittsburgh: 00004380, 000045F4.

~ Roster Information ~ San Jose: 00004698, 00004907.

~ Roster Information ~ Saint Louis: 000049AA, 00004BFA.

~ Roster Information ~ Tampa Bay: 00004C9E, 00004F1C.

~ Roster Information ~ Toronto: 00004FC0, 0000524F.

~ Roster Information ~ Vancouver: 000052F2, 00005561.

~ Roster Information ~ Washington: 00005604, 00005877.

~ Roster Information ~ Canada: 0000591A, 00005BAC.

~ Roster Information ~ North America (USA): 00005C50, 00005EE0.

~ Roster Information ~ Europe: 00005F84, 000061EE.

~ Roster Information ~ Eastern All~Stars: 00006292, 000064F7.

~ Roster Information ~ Western All~Stars: 0000659A, 000067DF.

~ Roster Information ~ EA Sports: 00006882, 00006AB8.

~ Roster Information ~ THQ (Angry Legion): 00006B5C, 00006D65.

~ Copyright Information: 00006F76, 000078B0.

~ Referee and Penalty Cues: 000121AC, 0001252D.

~ Date and Month Word Cues (Season Mode): 000152E8, 00015336.

~ Season Mode Save Deletion Warning: 00015525, 000155E0.

~ Roster Trading Text (Clarification Required): 00015809, 0001588B.

~ Team Select Text: 00016041, 00016150.

~ Unknown Text, probably used for Season Mode or Roster Trades (Clarification Required): 00016B2B, 00016C1F.

~ Season Mode Menu and Status Text: 000173F4, 000179F1.

~ Season Mode Text (Player Conditions): 00018D36, 00018D8F.

~ Debug Mode Text: 00018EEF, 00018F24.

~ Manual Goalie/Auto Goalie Text: 000198CA, 00019BEF.

~ Player Status Text (In~Game): 00019D46, 00019D6B.

~ Righty/Lefty Text: 00019E39, 00019E49.

~ Timeouts Text: 00019FCF, 00019FD6.

~ Injury Text (In~Game): 000280CB, 000281D2.

~ Pentalty Shot Text: 000282AF, 000282C1.

~ Goal!/Hat Trick!/Power Play Goal! Text: 00028451, 000284BB.

~ Address Error/Illegal Instruction/Division by Zero Text: 000287BD, 0002881C.

~ Player Lines, Player Types, and Periods: 000289AE, 00028A15.

~ Gameplay Menu Text: 00028A9A, 00029931.

Note: Each menu is pretty obvious to find, but they are all slapped together here.

Please bear that in mind while editing; you might accidentally edit the text for the wrong menu and have to go back to a previous state if you don't know what you are doing.

~ Ron Barr's Unused Commentary (presented by NHL '96 Milestone 07): 000924DC, 000926CD.

~ "EA Sports Hockey Night Presents", plus Hot and Cold Text: 001D284F, 001D28A4.

~ Main Menu Text: 001D2D8F, 001D2EBE.

~ Coaching Style Menu Text: 001D3721, 001D3B72.

~ NHL Standings/Conference/Division Text: 001D378F, 001D3FBF.

~ Western and Eastern Conference Text: 001D42C3, 001D437A.

~ Game Options Text: 001D465F, 001D4A45.

~ Goals/Assists/Points Text: 001D4C48, 001D4C62.

~ Unknown Text, probably for something involving Season Mode (Clarification Required): 001D52C1, 001D5353.

~ Season Stats Screen Text: 001D57CF, 001D59E0.

~ Transactions Screen and "Rating" Text: 001D6269, 001D6620.

~ Trading Outcome Text: 001D6B60, 001D71AD.

~ Unknown Text, probably used for Create a Player or User Records (Clarification Required): 001D7FAE, 001D800B.

~ Create a Player Text: 001D82DA, 001D83FA.

~ Create a Player Menu Text: 001D87DB, 001D8B10.

~ Unknown Text, I truly do not know what this was used for.: 001D8F71, 001D9193.

~ Player Statistics Text, probably used for assigning statistics in the Create a Player Menu: 001D95F6, 001D975F.

~ Create a Player Menu Text, this time for editing the Player Ratings: 001D9C43, 001D9CA8.

~ "Violation of Roster Rules" Text: 001DA406, 001DA421.

~ Sign Players Menu Text: 001DA833, 001DA961.

~ Release Players Menu Text: 001DB0E5, 001DB180.

~ Another set of code that uses the Main Menu and Game Options Text: 001D8841, 001DBA27.

~ Another set of code that uses the Game Options Text: 001DBEA4, 001DC0F3.

~ Edit Lines Menu Text: 001DC7A9, 001DCA46.

~ "Select Player to Edit" Text: 001DCDD5, 001DCE03.

~ Period Text, presumably for the in~game scoreboard: 001DD680, 001DD6F8.

~ Team Roster Menu Text: 001DD8F7, 001DDCED.

~ Scoring Summary Text: 001DE05D, 001DE0B9.

~ Penalty Summary Text: 001DE27F, 001DE2DB.

~ Period Stats Text: 001DE697, 001DE71E.

~ Game Stats Text: 001DE751, 001DEC8A.

~ Shootout Setup Menu Text: 001DEDAD, 001DF395.

~ All~Time Records Screen Text: 001DF46D, 001DF984.

~ Player Stats Screen Text: 001E0A73, 001E0E3A.

~ User Entry Menu Text: 001E1765, 001E19B8.

~ Playoff Information and Playoff Brackets Screen Text: 001E276C, 001E2B12.

~ Period Text (HUD) and Trophy Awards Text: 001E307E, 001E833.

~ Skills Challenges Menu Text: 001E4CBA, 001E529D

~ Skills Challenges Gameplay Text: 001E5ABA, 001E6718.

And that is just about it, the final NHL title in the series to be on the Genesis and Megadrive dissected of its Hex Editor offsets for its text for us to edit.

I had taken roughly 04 hours to get all of this typed up today while having to go through the entire ROM image front to back finding any sign of text that had seemed vitally important; I would be surprised if anybody were to decide to use this guide for editing the text in this particular title, as there is a massive lot of duplicated text, but almost everything is present here, figuring out the rest will be up to the rest of you.

Wishfully, this will assist those of you who are modifying NHL '98 to the utmost complete of extents probable, having this information present truly might or will aide you in being able to make the game feel a bit more original or festive with new text.

I might get around to the HivePal offsets for Palette Editing sooner or later, but at this time, I feel that this will do for now; granted though, you folks will get your offsets to edit the menus and other things in NHL '98 in all due time; this is capable of taking hours to weeks on end, but hey, it all be for the proper reasons, and I am more than positive that writing notes such as this truly has been able to come in handy for the lot of you, I appreciate that you take the time to read what I've to bring up to help you folks out.

With that said, folks, have a go at this, you might be able to do more than I am already able to with the game's text as it already be presented. (:

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19 hours ago, majasskkicker said:

Is it possible to alter player ratings? If so, how do you locate them? BTW, this has been very helpful. Nice to see JR wearing 27 for the Hawks on the game!

Player ratings are still accessible via NOSE.
Not sure how new you are to the program, but there is a decent amount of help info to be found around here.

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