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The Plabax Open Challenge

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Are you tired of being second to Plabax? Do you hate when he talks and talks but he always kicks your ass? Do YOU want the chance to try and defeat the Invincible Plabax? If so then... the Plabax Open Challenge is for you!!

The rules are simple. You request to play Plabax in a best-of-7 series, GENS! The cool thing is, the challenger chooses the format! However, Plabax is free to negotiate any rulesets and he is also free to play whoever he wants to. If Plabax does not feel like playing, he doesn't have to!!! Plabax is not a scared man, so he is not going to back down from a good challenge.

All requests will need the following:

  • Five minute periods
  • 5on5 NHL94
  • B-checks enabled!!
  • New Kaillera
  • Classic 0-6 rating system with Classic NHL '94 players
  • Plabax on the road!! Cocky man! - 2-2-1-1-1 format OR 2-3-2 format
  • NO Edit Lines hack for uneven bonuses

The rest is up to you! Make any request! Static, Line Changes, Offsides..... Plabax will still beat you down!

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Get a life

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