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[MD] NHL Hockey '92: Tile Editing Troubles with the HUD and Pause Screens

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.... Whoa, this one is a rather major trouble.

Apparently, one cannot do everything with this game graphically, it is a bit troubling to get certain sprites looking proper.

As a part of my NHL Hockey MD: MIAA 20I5 Edition series of titles, in which I am going out of my way to modify the original ROM images of NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '98 (sans '94), I am attempting to go out of my way to make certain graphics look proper or more well defined, based on the original compressed art.

This series does not do too much to the original titles at this point in time, but in their Alpha Version form, they have text, palette, tile, and ruleset edits that make the game feel a little more modern in design and feel, as well as bear the Penalty Ruleset that was used in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, hence the title name.

Now, while I was undergoing the editing process for the graphics, NHL Hockey '92 was apparently not fully created with this setup in mind, and I will explain what I mean about this below.

This is of ample seriousness to pay attention to, for those of you who are editing with multiple colours; you will have to notice this closely while touching this game's tiles in particular, this is not how it is supposed to work.

Below are screenshots of what I have done currently.



Below are screenshots of what is actually being displayed, as well as the palette in the VDP that I had based my above sprite edits on (I know that the E in "Pause" was edited up wrong, I will edit that accordingly).




What is happening with me while editing the graphics of the original ROM image is that I am using the Arena Palette to work on the colours of the Scoreboard and Text sprites, however they do not generate all 0I6 colours in the Arena Palette, as it does in NHL '94.

Instead, these sprites are only generating two colours: 000000 (Black) and E0E0E0 (Timberwolf/the closest thing to White that I could get in HivePal); I do not think that this was how Electronic Arts had planned to do this originally, and this trouble would later be fixed for the graphics in NHLPA Hockey '93.

Which leads me to the following question: Would there happen to be a specific way to get around this factor, to get all 0I6 colours of the Arena Palette working with the sprites made for the text?

Unless if I am able to work out this problem and get the palette working in the way that it does in NHLPA Hockey '93 and NHL '94, I will not be able to release this particular ROM hack without this factor being present; this is indeed a major graphical trouble with the first title in the NHL series, and I understand why this title has not yet been properly touched for a full~on Thirty or 032 Team ROM as of yet, matters such as this would have to be completely fixed before ever considering creating yet another major ROM hack in the scene.

In the event that any of you happen to know how Electronic Arts had fixed this trouble for NHLPA Hockey '93 and also how to put that fix here into NHL Hockey '92, then please do reply with what you know about it.

My Text Sprite edits use 04 to 06 colours, respectively, and the fact that '92 only generates Black and Timberwolf/White truly had caught me well off guard; please do note that the Zana GX Font edit that I am using for this works on the Title Screen, Main Menu, Pre~Game Stats Screen, and Ice palettes perfectly without error, so it is only the Heads~Up Display (HUD) and the Pause Menu that have this problem in full, that be what must be focused on here.

With that said, please do discuss, any assistance on handling this matter will be completely well appreciated.

I would love to release this Mini~Hack of NHL Hockey '92 at some point, it truly would open up more probabilities for future ROM hacks and builds indeed.

Edited by Royameadow

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well, at least you can use the same graphics for your I's and ones, your O's and zeroes.

I'm still making wild guesses as to what [MD] means to you.

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[MD] stands for Megadrive.

I use this to distinguish between versions of a game if there are multiple versions, or to classify which console I am referring to for each topic.

For further clarification, if I were to refer to other consoles for specific versions, then you would view the following:

~ [MS/GG]: Master System/Game Gear.

~ [sFC]: Super Famicom.

~ [sS]: Sega Saturn.

~ [PSX]: PlayStation.

Simple enough to adapt to, I would say.

As a researcher on consoles, I am known to often use these abbreviations rather than spell them out every single time, saves time and title space.

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the real answer was a letdown, of course. I had some "creative" ideas going.

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