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Blitz 11 END DATE


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Ok, season would be scheduled to END on 9/5. I figure a LOT of guys going to the tourney won't want to play Blitz just right before the Toronto tourney, given it's different style of play of the actual ROM, so ending a season on the 5th means the playoffs won't probably start for half of the teams for 2 weeks.

Rather than have that, I'm going to put seasons END DATE to 9/20 at 3:00 am eastern. Any games submitted after that will be deleted.

Playoffs will be determined with DNP's applied, with a few exceptions. IF someone is just a total slacker and ducking out and we can't find a suitable replacement, then I might remove those DNP's off that coaches playoff format.

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Also, if I find a total slacker in B, I'll put Mav in for them.

Everyone has played enough in A where I'd not replace them now.

Zalex is the low man on the totum pole at 20 games.

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Technically, you would not need 15/day, as you have 20 played, and the schedule calls for 44.

So, that's 24, and after one day, you see, you'd only have 9 left.

And last season there were 3 guys w/ all 44 games played in Blitz A, although the goal would be more like B, where there was 9 out of 12 fully completed.

Either way, K, Thanks. Bye. Catch you around soon (tonight after 11 pm central if you can :) )

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I WILL get ALL my games done by then. I PROMISE.....finally back to reality after vacation

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I am one of only 2 coaches who played all their gms last season in A.

Got no problem to play 15 gms a day.


Funny that it took you 15 days to find a time to play our series :X

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Season ends 9/20 at 3:00 am.

No replacement coaches. It just ends on 9/20.

Those who don't play enough games probably shouldn't be re-invited by the new commish Chaos for whatever he does with Blitz next but that's his call, not mine.

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