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Just wanted to mention, that it was great to see guys playing to the strengths of the game in the finals. Match-ups like DET-BUF, WPG-NYR, CHI-BUF were so much fun to watch.

I had a theory that we'd find a player that had mastered a team like TB, and that they'd get regular play - but for the most part the match-ups were pretty balanced and mixed.

Watching skilled players playing skilled teams made for much better games than the ANH-FLA, or ANH-OTT match-ups.

Though best game of the day (that I watched) was the NYI-HFD games played between Kingraph and KGman.

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A few highlights, one "lowlight", and a neat story.

I arrived shortly after 8am for registration, even though my bracket didn't start play until 11:45. At around 11:00 they started the ceremony in Maple Leafs Square to honour Mats Sundin (a favourite Leaf of mine) and there just happened to be a perfect view of the ceremony from a window in the bar. Couldn't hear the speeches, but lots of wicked video montages of Sundin and then of course a speech from Sundin (who still looks like he could play). Was a really cool "pump-up" for the day of playing.

My best game of the day also happened to be Leafs-related. Crawling my way out of the 2-loss bracket after losing to Roberto Z. (4-2 on the day), I had just matched up against an unknown Steve H. (3-3 on the day) and squeaked out a 2-1 win. I was matched up against Witt (4-3 on the day) who I'd hoped to have met much earlier in the day. Witt and I have played a lot of exi's, league games and 2v2 online - so I know what he's capable of. Witt wins the coin-toss (much to his dismay) and settles on a St. Louis vs. Toronto match-up. Admittedly, these are two teams that I would not have added to any of my own match-ups, never mind together. I've learned to hate playing the Leafs in Classic, as I still haven't mastered Gilmour. Was Witt trying to tempt me to take the Leafs, was this an attempted mindgame? Hehe.. I took Toronto and won the game 8-3 putting me in a showdown for 4th seed in our group. Gilmour knocking in multiple one-timers from Cullen on his left.

The lowlight was knocking out Witt, really great bud and hated putting him out. Though now that I look at it, Witt put out CoachMac the game previous, another great guy.

Met one of my favourite guitarist/songwriters at the Drake that night. Went to see Robyn Hitchcock and Ron Sexsmith two fantastic singer/songwriters in their own right - but watching from the bar at the back was Frank Black/Black Francis of the Pixies. A band that I would have likely listened to a lot while playing NHL94. Really cool guy, not your classic frontman - but a genius lyrically and on guitar.

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Great write up annatar - you made the SNES boys proud with that performance and I'm only sorry I missed you rolling through Mikael 2 games in a row to get to the finals.

Also one of the funniest moments was Darrell just shutting down that guy who tried to crack a joke before the King of '94 games and me and you were losing it. You had to be there!

I couldn't breathe man. I just repeated the scene in my head and cracked the f**k up for half a minute. Here's the play by play:

Guy in crowd: "Hey does the nhl 94 cartridge have to sign a video waiver too?"

Darell: http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Michael-Scott-angry-stare-at-toby.gif

Annatar/Oliver - I'll do my own writeup later when I have time but for now, check your AIM bud, I have some info for you.

Get on it son.

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Just want to take a few minutes to talk about my game day and how amazing the day was. Firstly want to congratulate KG, what an impressive display of heart. Had to first go through 2 semi final games vs a very talented Kinger, i mean Raph you are insane good. Kg then has to go back and play AJ coming off a win in a very close game against zep, who i didnt know much about but is a solid player. Some how kg manages to get by the class and intelligence of AJ to once again square off with a totally zoned in Kinger. Entering the finals needing to win twice, having to pause for what felt like half an hour at the beginning of the 3rd period in "game 7" and still emerge as the worlds best gens NHL94 player is remarkable and goes to show you the kind of skill and mental strength kg brings to the table. True champ and total class act. WELL DONE KG! :dal_skater_hand_grab:

Smoz, unbelieveable job buddy.. i mean wow great playing, your game is at an amazing level. Not to mention having to juggle admin stuff with playing your games.GREAT SHOWING SMOZ

EA, it was amazing to finally meet you after all these years, you played a great tournament and it was an honour to play you in the tournament. Please AIM me that selfie you took of us :) You are a legend in my books, my mentor.

TK, your game is at an unbelievable level, i can see how you took home GDL9. You have everything a champion needs to win, on both sides of the puck. It was awesome to meet you. Congrats on a great tournament, wish we could have played a couple games.

AJ, still one of the best players out there, a great ambassador for the game, all class all the way. Congrats on a great showing.

Kinger, what can i say... What a ride, what a tournament, you have come a loooong way from the noob i used to destroy. Your game is incredible. Flawless on both sides of the puck, pass goals were out of this world. You set a great example for everyone with all the help you give to noobs and you are always willing to help anyone with anything. You fought hard all day, stayed focused and came up just short of the big prize. Losing out to a beast in KG. Im proud of what you accomplished, well done!

VC, brutus, ice, uncle buck/seth, zep,and all the other forum guys. all very good showings all very talented players, well done buds. You represented the forum well. Strong play from all you guys.

Special thanks to halifax and everyone else behind the scenes, great job, great tournament, amazing day.

I came into this tournament with low expectations, didnt expect to do very well as i havent played 94 in a long while. I was happy to make it out of the group of death with the second seed. Couldnt get going in the round of 16, too many class acts. Regardless of that, the spark is reignited and i will be back to competing online. I cant wait to play and compete. I am honoured to be part of this community. LONG LIVE 94!


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Congratulations to kgman for winning the Gens tournament! I think you owe me a cut because with my incessant insistence that you get onto AIM, you would never have become more than that Canadian who bothers the Fins on IRC.

Or I don't know, you would have found AIM some other way, dunno.

Anyway, way to go!

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All my buddies on this site, so great to meet you all outside of the virtual world. See, there's really no reason to fear clowns. I'm afraid to even start mentioning names because I worry if I miss mentioning someone, I'll feel like sh*t. You know who you are though. Right Brutus, Raph, Ice, TK, Witt, Jer, Voc, Zepp and Coach? Everyone there was so easy to get to know and hang with. It really does seem like I've known some of you forever. What an entertaining bunch of characters. All around great people and company. An incredible pool of dedicated, talented players and class acts. I f&cking love you guys. And some of you I never really chatted with before, I'll start chatting with and playing more. Hope to see some of these old GENS vets return to the site again and participate in leagues and exis vs me, to feed our addictions. I'm talking to you EA, Sebe, Smoz, Evan, AJ. So there's my mass shout out.

As for the everyone who helped make this happen, I applaud you. Mikey, Halifax, Smoz, Chaos, Evan, I have no idea how you all organized this so well in such a short time. Just wow. The time and dedication you all put into this is mind boggling. We'll never be able to thank you enough.

To my brother, I wouldn't have came to the event if you didn't also. To me, he was the surprise of the tournament. He's actually a complete unknown,with practically ZERO experience vs anyone else (online or in person) besides me for the past 20 years. During those couple of decades, he's never been given an inch of room out there to make plays and be creative (sorry haha). I know since he's my brother, people expected him to be good and do well, but he didn't think he would and I didn't either. Being in that super tough D division, and making the top 16 by winning 5 straight "on the ropes" elimination games is a huge accomplishment for him. Especially needing to beat both Evan and Smoz to make stay alive, a tall task for sure. I witnessed him perform better than I've ever seen (except for that blowout vs AJ). Sorry we couldn't stay longer to allow you and KG to smoke a blunt.

As for myself, of course I'm disappointed not making it as far as I wanted. Despite being happy with my performance the whole tournament, I made a couple poor choices in teams/matchups that I regretted immediately. Guess that's better than losing by playing bad or having bad luck though. I still can't believe I chose NOT to be Detroit vs TK in our elimination game. Don't know how that thought process even occurred. "Yeah, that's a good idea, I'll give TK the best skating, stick-handling and shooting team in the game". But F*CK YOU ref for giving me 5 straight 3rd period penalties. You're right (for once) TK, CHI is overrated and I learned the hard way. Why I thought I could beat Ice with Washington up against "steel nuts" Gilmour & company, shaking my head here on that. Overconfidence in Pat Elyniuk maybe? Ice, I should have picked our favorite matchup, NYI vs HFD! It would have been an epic game and we'd both have 10 minutes of our lives back. I think I have the record for longest time spent picking teams. No one will ever beat that. 10 minutes easily.

Thanks to the supremely helpful older Canadian couple who gave Buck and I directions to the QEW on the way home when the GPS stopped working. I'm certain if I stopped in my city for directions I'd risk being mugged, robbed, sodomized and dumped by the railroad tracks. Toronto you are a cool city, with so many friendly people. I can't be the only one who noticed the bountiful 20 something hot broads roaming everywhere. But I won't miss the amount of bikers and walkers in the streets. We're New Yorkers, used to beeping and yelling at those of you in the road. Even though the law says you have the right of way, we're driving a vehicle, get the hell out of the lane.

Thanks to the Asian family who let us stay at their place via Air BnB........The water in the fridge tasted good. I'm sure it was less polluted than the water in Rochester. But why no microwave in the joint? The free Wi-Fi was a big plus, as I was able to text the fools from the forum to hang out Friday night. However, I have to ask, why is your Wi-Fi password JizzTron458392 ? Anyhow, if there are any pubes in the shower, they're from Buck because I gave my crotch a good luck buzz-cut before the trip.

PS, thanks Roberto Z. for flipping the puck away when you saw I was stuck on goalie control in our elimination game. I don't know anyone else who would have done that at such a crucial time. Good sportsmanship epitomized.

One more add-on, those pants that Voc wore.........no words. Please, someone has to have pic of that outfit.

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Cheers Seth and Buck.

Need to make sure the "Brazilian Stallion" Roberto Z. signs up for classic, and his buddy too. I chatted with them both before the afternoon games, Roberto picked me out and his buddy asked if I knew anyone named Raphael (and if he was any good).

Cool story. Roberto's brother came to Canada back in the 90's to learn english and returned to Brazil with a Sega Genesis and a copy of NHL94. They've been playing leagues and having tournaments ever since - and are now living in Toronto.

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