[MD] NHLPA Hockey '93: Thirty Team ROM (Slapshot67 Version): Two Editing Troubles

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For the past four days, I have been working very quickly on a ROM hack out of Slapshot67's version of NHLPA Hockey '93: Thirty Team ROM.

I have intended to release the hack within the night or tomorrow, but I still have some loose ends to deal with in order to release this with only little to worry about following the Revision 00 release.

The two issues that I am dealing with are listed below.

~ Cannot find the offset in Tile Molester to modify the "# Penalty" sprite that is found at the Scoreboard screen.

Wanted to change it to the shinier Japanese sprite that I use in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, but I do not view it anywhere in TM; if it's in plain sight, then I presume that I had overlooked it.

~ Unsure on how to modify the ratings that you view for the statistics presented on Ron Barr's Commentary screen.

I also would like to know if it is probable to change those numbers with regular letters, as my ranking system is easier to use with letters than numbers in the long run; if that cannot be done, then I will simply stick with editing the numbers normally.

Other than dealing with the two above factors, I've got a ROM hack that is pretty much mostly ready to come out for you folks to play at this time, but I would love to have these dealt with now so I do not have to release a Revision 00a prematurely or too soon.

In the event that any of you are able to help out with these at this time, then I would be more than glad to read what you've to mention, anything to get this particular work done now so that I could get back to the primary projects that I am already dealing with.

You have my thanks in advance, any assistance is very well appreciated as always. (:

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