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Halifax's random 30 thoughts.

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I’ll steal this bit from annatar (and Elliotte Friedman) and throw in some of my own 30 random thoughts.

  1. Left for the airport on Thursday to fly to Edmonton first and then overnight to Toronto. I was super sick, have a fever running around 101 to 102. Did not feel well at all but there was no way illness was keeping me from being there. Could barely sleep on the plane. It was a terrible night all around.
  2. Arrived in Toronto at around 6:30am EST (still 4:30 am my time). Called my friend Travis who is a producer for the morning show at rock 102.1. He knew I was flying in because I told him I wanted to see the studio and say hi to Fred as well. Travis says “hey can you be here by 9:30?” I’m said “sure no problem”. He says “I told Fred you were in town and he was excited, then I told him ‘but guess what D is here for? nhl94 tournament!”, Fred says”no way, lets get him on the air!”. They had something else they were going to do but they bumped it. Travis says to me ”want to go on air and talk about the tournament?” I’m like “hell yeah, lets do this!”
  3. I have some breakfast at the hotel and drop off my stuff and walk over to the studio (probably should’ve took a cab as I was still feeling sick). About a half hour walk. I arrive and meet Travis and then we walk right to the studio and I meet Fred whom I haven’t seen in 15 years. It was awesome being there. I only have a few minutes to soak in the excitement and before I know it I’m on air with a lot of my family listening at home. My wife is listening through her phone and explains to my daughter that I’m on the radio since Eva doesn’t fully understand. My wife tells her that I was going to be talking about video games and she giggled and said “Oh Daddy”post-457-0-40159300-1442721338_thumb.png
  4. Here’s the audio to smoz recorded.
  5. After the interview, Travis takes me for the tour. I take a picture of this slide in the building. Travis tells me that when they first installed it, people were going down it and rolling their ankles and several other minor injuries. Had a chuckle at that
  6. Later on Mikey and I meet the fellas at real sports for lunch. Raph and Chaos are part of the kindred trio. We’ve been running classic for so many seasons, I feel like I’ve known these guys forever. It was exciting to meet them after all this time. Many others were there and showed up later. Brutus, coach, evan, egg, kgman, EA, bobk, aj, Jacket, tyler. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. It was awesome. I order food but I was still sick. I couldn’t even come close to finishing it and I should’ve just skipped it altogether.
  7. Later on in the day, I open my suitcase only to find out I have my Nintendo and missing my nhl94 cartridges at home. Disappointing to say the least. But the S’toon boys were having some exhis in their room. I joined them for a bit and got to meet annatar, shaftman, Schwartz etc.. It was a real treat to meet those guys. Played a couple exhis and then left with chaos to headed to the double tree where all the gens buds were. I offered to help mikey with whatever he needed and he asked me to get some items printed off. Shaftman lent me his usb stick and chaos and I went to the double tree to use his computer to get everything copied over.
  8. At the doubletree, I get to meet a lot of the awesome gens buds. Icestorm, voc, tk, sebe, smoz, Canadiandennis, bok, jer, uncle seth, uncle buck, witt (Again I hope I didn’t miss anyone, my apologies if I did).
  9. Chaos and I head to the printing place. I’m still sick and Chaos leads me over to the print it yourself kiosk. I honestly am trying to figure it out and I couldn’t think straight, as I was still feeling like s**t. Chaos was probably like”what are you doing?” lol…then he starts pressing buttons to get it to do what I need it to do. Really appreciated your help getting through a simple process bud.
  10. I head back to the strathcona hotel and chaos comes with. He’s heading to the stoon boys room for exhis. It’s like 9:30 or something, but I’m feeling crappy/tired and I just need to go to bed. My buddy CJ (The video guy) pops in my room just as I’m heading to bed as he just got in from his flight. We chat for a bit but I’m lights out shortly after.
  11. I set my alarm for 6am and it goes off. I still feel sick and I need to sleep some more. I felt kind of bad because I told mikey id be there for 7am but didn’t get there until 7:30 I think. I feel too sick to eat breakfast so I just skip it. I bring some ginger ale that my buddy CJ picked up for me. When 8 o’clock rolls around I’m still not fully ready but I start welcoming people in and ticking them off the list as they register.
  12. I run into Addisonbr in the morning. We ran classic together back in 2007. Ever since then we’ve chatted on a regular basis so it was really great to see him and we got chat through the day.
  13. Mikey does his speech and at first I see this guy with a wu tang sweater interrupting mikeys’ speech. I was thinking “come on man, just shut up.” Then mikey starts saying that I was the reason the tournament came together. I think I looked down because I was a bit embarrassed, because I’m thinking, that this doesn’t happen without mikey. Period. But that’s how mikey is, he’s such a humble person always willing to recognize others and thinking of others first.
  14. Guys start playing games and that’s when I realize I can’t log any scores. I’m starting to feel a little stressed at this point because I have tons of people lining up to log scores. Raph gets smoz for me and, of course, smoz tells me I need to log in to Google with the right account. That gives me access to the doc. Then it won’t let me do anything and my friend CJ (the video guy) grabs my cell phone and says we need to by pass the hot spot. So he takes care of everything for me. Finally things are good to go.
  15. Huge shout out to smoz again. He made this doc in a couple weeks. He pulled it together fast and made my life a heck of lot easier. If I’m doing this by pen and paper…it would’ve been a nightmare.
  16. Later on in the morning, I make another mistake. I accidentally put in a 1-0 score for a noshow winning the game. This of course messes up the bracket and two other games were played before I noticed the mistake. I had to go and apologize to those players and asked them to replay some new games. They were understanding of it and played.
  17. I know at one point Evan comes up to me and says ”can I get you anything?” I’m like “yeah, can I get a ginger ale?” he looks at me and says “whose is that?” pointing to the one right in front of me. I was like ”oh yeah that’s mine”. The day was such a blur at that point, and Evan’s looking at me like I have two heads…lol.
  18. My total food intake for the entire day (until late evening) was one chicken wing. Yes. One chicken wing. I just drank water and ginger ale.
  19. Got to meet some other awesome buds. Tony twist, mcmarkis, and snesboy, who was wearing the awesome “Super Nintendo Chalmers” shirt for all you Simpsons fans out there. Seeing those guys there was awesome. Although mcmarkis came back to play online more recently, the others had been awol for some time. SNESboy since 2007. I felt proud that I was able to get the word out to them so they could attend. SNESboy and I talked about all the great players back in the day (going back to 2006). The Deer, the94kid, rudy, bloodythroats and JotaC. JotaC won the first two snes A leagues with edm and stl. I really hope I can get those guys to come out next year. They can run with anyone today.
  20. I finally get to play and the first game was a tough one. Had several leads but lost to Steve S. 6-5 with 30 seconds left. After that I managed to rally off 4 wins in a row. One game, I remember I played with TB vs FLA. The guy picked the match up and someone said that was his strategy against the online players (ie picking expansion teams). I was able to win that one 5-1. I won the others 10-0, 3-2 and 7-2.
  21. I only had to win one of my last two to qualify. I lose a tough one to John W. I had the lead with a 90 seconds left and he scores two more and wins 5-4. He was stoked because he knew he qualified for next round.
  22. My last game I’m watching my next opponent. Either Tom D or Omega Red. Tom manages to win 3-2 and is really excited as he thinks he’s qualified for the 16 but he hasn’t. I say hi “Hi I’m Darrell, we are the last match of the group. We play and I managed to score a lot early, where at one point during the second, he wraps the controller around his neck like he’s going to hang himself. Was kinda funny. I win the game and move on. A bit of relief because I really wanted to finish top 16 and then see where things went.
  23. Before the final grouping., The90jacket gives me a Toronto blue jays beer mug and proceeds to say good things about me and my involvement with the tourney and just 94 in general. We’ve played a couple mini tournies over the past couple months. Jacket, tyler and stheds2000 are great fellas. Love playing 94 with those guys. Thanks for the mug
  24. My first game is against annatar. The super bud. We trade goals all game but he gets me late and takes it 8-7. I played Chris D. and win 5-4. Then I play Ilive4nhl94. I call van vs was and he takes van. He was up 5-2…I make it 5-4 and then he puts it away with a minute left 6-4. Super nice bud (friend of tony twist I think). I then play Mark F. and win the game 4-3. I play my final game against SNESboy. He’s up 5-1 and I score three in the third but it wasn’t enough and I’m doneski. I was proud to make it as far as I did.
  25. Loved watching the finals for gens and snes. Some great games in there. Nice to hear about coachmac stepping in and helping KG out so he could concentrate on the finals.
  26. At the end of the day, Iamfleuryshipcheck comes up to me and gives me this great speech about how I represent the community etc. and gives me a Sega copy signed by the nhl94 buds. I loved
  27. Then shortly after Evan gives me an award that he chaos and kingraph put together and also gives a great speech to me. I gotta admit, I was fighting back the emotions a bit. An awesome gift I will keep forever. Thanks
  28. It was a great day and my only regret is that I didn’t get to hang out more with everyone.
  29. I look forward to the next kingof94 (and of course another Saskatoon smash tournament this winter.).
  30. Again wanted to thank all of you for the kind words over the past week or so. It’s been great!

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Didn't know you were sick all weekend bud! You're a trooper! That makes your showing even more impressive. Our game was one of the toughest for me, I think I was overexcited a bit from winning my group and I was playing loose... big mistake!

Great read. Glad to finally meet you, you are exactly the same in person as online, haha. That signed Sega copy is really nice, great gesture.

Edited by annatar

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