Help me '94 guys you are my only hope

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Hey guys,

As none of you already know, I really like making things. Lately I am on a kick of making blankets and pillows and such. Anyway, I had an epiphany while working on an aghan quilt on my next project. I want to make a patchwork quilt of some of the '94 sprites. Here is where you guys come in: can anybody get me a large pixelated version of the sprites with a graph over top of it so I can test my theory? Since the guy is made of squares it should be relatively easy but again I have no idea where to get a large enough template to see if it is doable.

Thanks a bunch, you guys are the greatest!

-Egg :exciting:

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I wish I could help you out with this but I would have no idea. Have you tried reaching out to some of the modders around here? They might have some ideas or something they can send you. I know DaDonche did the graphics for GDL13, he might be a good resource.

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These photoshop images from Clockwise may help:

I think there is software out there to allow you to view these without Photoshop. If you have any issues, let me know, I'll be happy to convert them for you.

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I can't really help you out, but I wanted to say:

1) I really like the title of your thread.

2) It was nice to meet you at KO94 and I apologize for the disparaging remarks I made about those who prefer the Genesis version over the SNES version.

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