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As far as I am aware, editing the background for the Main Menu is not an easy task in its current form, as even the Thirty Team ROM still has these graphics partially compressed.

It is probable to do if you are able to align each tile with the correct offset in Tile Molester, but it is an ample strenuous task, you might be at it for hours even when you do know where to edit.

A future incarnation of the game's visual template will be mandatory for optimally being able to liberally add in a wallpaper or image into the Main Menu, I personally would not work with the current incarnation of the Thirty Team ROM to do this just yet.

For now though, if you are able to edit the palette of the Main Menu to something that will work well with the image(s) that you intend to input, then assure that you know which tile goes to which portion of the screen; failure to do so will result in you having different tiles of the image all over the place, which could accidentally write over vital portions of the code that would trigger the ROM to crash, so do proceed with caution in the event that you do intend to take this for a spin.

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