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Title says it all.

Post screenshots or videos of a glitch that you have found while playing NHL '98, it may be any version of the game that you know of or touch on a normal basis.

Below is the Infinite Power Play Glitch in my NTSC~J Region MIAA Setup Hack of the Megadrive version.

When this glitch happens, the code that is used to register that the player's penalty is over does not get triggered, thus keeping the Power Play Timer endlessly at 00:00; this could be extremely bad for those who play this in Original Game and Full Game Mode, as I do with the Bonus Teams, this is one of the oddest yet most painful of glitches out there to handle.

Extra audio that is used in this video was taken from vocal samplings in the in~house version of NBA Jam (Super Famicom version), known simply as NBA Jam XXX.

You may get those sound effects and the very comical prototype ROM here: http://www.nintendoplayer.com/prototype/nba-jam-xxx/

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I think this qualifies as a glitch. 

Playing game one of the Conference Quarterfinals in season mode.   

I injured their goalie. Goalie gets replaced.   I score and the game pulls the goalie.  The team only has 2 goalies.  I score again.  I check the replay to see who was in the net.  It was a defenseman. I keep scoring.    Not checking the player stats just in case it crashes.  Game ends.  The player in net gets the first star.  I check the stats.  The goals he allowed counted to his goal total.  So right now.  Even though his team got shutout in all 4 games.  He leads the playoffs in goals and points. 

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