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Fall Classic Test Game Deadline/Draft Info


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Registration For Fall Classic Has Ended!

Anyone who signs up from here on out will be put on the Waiting List.

Test Game Deadline - Those who have signed up and have yet to play a test game, the deadline will be 11AM Eastern Time, Sunday October 4th. If you do not get to play a test game before the deadline, you will be put on the Waiting List. The Waiting List is used when replacing coaches throughout the season. We always need coaches for replacement, so you will still have a good chance of playing!

Draft Info - ​I plan on starting the draft at 12PM Eastern Time, Sunday October 4th. Draft Order will be posted around 11:30AM Eastern Time. The draft order will be randomized, and there will be 1 hour deadlines on picks. If you cannot make you deadline, you will be given the "best available" team. If you wish, you can send me via email or PM your team preference list, and I will make the pick for you. You can send me this at anytime before your pick (including today if you wish).

Let's plan on having another successful season!!!

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Am available tonight to confirm people. Just got SK34 up and running.

I know there are a couple other people that posted in one thread or another but haven't been confirmed yet. Let's get that sorted out.

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I'll most likely be awake for the draft, but just in case, heres my order:

DET, CHI, VAN, BOS, NYR, STL, CAL, HAR. In the event all of those teams are taken then give me Tampa and Ill effin' win anyway

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