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Great series man. You threw everything at me. Momentum shifted a few times.

I was almost sure I had it in the bag after a big game 3 win. Maybe too sure. You just did a lot of things right after that, vggs.

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Thanks to JJ' for your work on this league. It's nice to have 3 strong leagues going. When's the next draft?? Ha

Thanks Bobk and CoachMac too! It was my first time running a league and it was lots of fun! I look forward to another season soon.
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Wanted to do a real quick recap.

First of all, thanks to jackandjose for getting this off the ground and keeping everything running smoothly! This was a great format and I'm really glad you put in the effort to get it back underway. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to SDL V now.

Congrats to everyone who played but especially plabax and c4 who gave me a hell of a time in the playoffs, and Oilers who had such a great regular season but had to forfeit cause of a wonky connection. Bad luck. I really wanted to see how things would have shaken out in a best of 7 bud.

I was pretty happy with my team after the draft but I definitely didn't draft the best lineup. At times my relative lack of size up front got me frustrated. I loved my blueline of Samuelsson and Blake. Just had to make sure I didn't get too out of position with them.

Next time I would take Ray Bourque in the first round instead of Yzerman.

My end of season award picks:

Art Ross: Cam Neely (BobKudelski)

Hart: Cam Neely

Rocket Richard: Teemu Selanne (Hazmat)

Norris: Ray Bourque (c4outlaws)

Vezina: Tim Cheveldae (annatar)

Jennings: Curtis Joseph (Oilers)

Selke: Craig Simpson (Oilers)

Conn Smythe: Steve Yzerman (annatar)

The regular season had some surprises for me. I would have had BoKnows and stheds among the pre-season favourites but both failed to make the second season. Both had some games unplayed though which never helps.
On the other hand BlackDevil and Plabax (who jumped in as a replacement) both showed they can compete at the highest level. In the same category Hazmat rode a strong finish into the playoffs with 8 straight wins and then upset BobKudelski in four.
I was really happy to take 3 of 4 games off Oilers just before the "all star break" in Toronto but he still finished with the best win% and generally was a real PITA to play against! :)
Top 8 made it and I drew kingraph in the 1/8 matchup. I had to be wary of his competitive spirit and overall ability even when he's not playing his console of choice. I won the first 4 but didn't feel I'd played my best. He had the offense rolling and I was playing loose.
That caught up to me in the next round. c4 and I have had a lot of games over the last couple of years and lately I've had the edge over him. But he was on his game and I couldn't find an answer for Ray Bourque. It was the classic back-and-forth as we just kept alternating W's. Unfortunately for him I won the first and the last and moved on.
Plabax took out Hazmat in 5 games in the other semi-final and I knew he meant business. Montreal vs. Brooklyn for the SDL title. We had split our 4 games in the regular season.
We both came out playing tentative and it was a tight game 1 until he blew it open in the third period with 4 unanswered goals. 5-2 BRK (1-0 BRK)
Could not afford to go back to Brooklyn down 0-2 and I started game 2 with renewed focus, nursing a 1-0 lead into the third period until Lebeau ties it 1-1 on the PP. Now I'm wondering if I'm playing too defensive. Can't defend a 1-0 lead all game. I get it back quickly though and Blake adds an insurance marker. The lead would hold. 3-2 MTL (1-1 tie)
I come out like a house on fire in game 3 with five goals in the first period including one by Cheveldae (!) and eventually push the lead to 7. This one is over but I don't dare relax. 10-2 MTL (2-1 MTL)
The big win probably was too much too soon for me and I was already thinking about a 3-1 series lead. Big pushback from Plabax who outshot me handily. Getting to within 1 goal early in the third was as close as I'd get. Gut check time. 7-4 BRK (2-2 tie)
Pivotal game 5 felt more like the early series where both of us were afraid to make a mistake. The first frame was scoreless and I thought the second might be too until Bondra broke the deadlock for me. Massive goal. Penalties would be my undoing as Zhamnov ties it with two minutes to play on a 5 on 3. I never recover and another man advantage in overtime gives him the win. He is on the brink. 2-1 BRK OT (3-2 BRK)
Game 6 and I need to dig deep. He scores less than a minute in. Can't panic. Wait for my opportunity. It comes at the end of the period and we're tied. He pushes back and I tie it again. Third period and I get two quick ones and shut 'er down. Massive massive win. 4-2 MTL (3-3 tie)
I don't really remember all the details of the deciding game. I gave up the first goal again but hit back and didn't stop until it was 6-1. Something subconscious took over and the pucks started going in. Maybe it was bounces. Whatever it is, huge huge relief. Great series, maybe the most intense I've been part of. 6-2 MTL (4-3 MTL wins)
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