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Blitz Playoffs Round 2


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Ok. Playoffs are setup for Round 2 in both A & B EXCEPT the Raph vs Zep series. Its the only unplayed Round 1 series.

Raph is up 2 games to zero already, and I've been around hearing Raph try to ask for games. I've also been trying to reach Zep personally for GDL w/ no response both in AIM & PM Forum, so I know he's the one MIA.

If Zep doesn't get his games in shortly w/ Raph and both Plabax & Ice have finished their series, I'll forfeit the remainder of the games and push Raph through.

As for B, Skip vs Chaos & Wally vs Lupz should be both great series plus easy enough to get done shortly!

Good luck guys.

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Me and Wally tried to hook up a couple of times, each time one or the other couldn't get on, I'll be around all week, I'll try, and hook up a time with him to play.

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Lupz let me know a night that works for you this week?

Any night after 9 eastern except Thursday after 11 eastern.

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