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Has anyone ever tried to emulate on PS4?


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I am just thinking, PS4 has internet, so can I download an emulator, and then play NHL 94 through my PS4, on my big TV, with my PS4 controller?

I don't know- perhaps the PS4 has some built in blocker that won't let me emulate video games (to stifle competition or preserve copyright or whatever boring/ obnoxious corporate reason)?

I suppose I could research it online, but figure someone here would know for sure. I would like to get into gaming with everyone here, and am awaiting some assistance from Coach Mac to help me get set up with my Mac. I would also like to get set up on my PS4, if possible.

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PS4/XBox run games through their system, not through Windows.

Just like you can't play Xbox built games on PS4, or vice-a-versa, you can't just stuff PC files onto your PS4 and "play" them.

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