Tips for Genesis Rookies

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Why does everyone call the "B-check" a B-check? Isn't it technically just a poke check, not a check?

just the button you push, like C-check is C button.

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Awesome thread, probably one of the best ones on this forum regarding game play.


I notice the A button hook often gets penalized, it also leaves you in terrible position if you miss. I think it is rarely used these days. It can be effective in the slot but is actually a risky play quite often.

I think this early in your 94 career the best tip which was said earlier by AJ is to emulate your opponents, and be aware of what's going on.

It's also the most annoying thing ever to play against (redwingdevil was the only guy I ever played who used it)

I use the B check occasionally... I've never gotten the hang of it like some folks have, so I've stuck with the A-hook. I've been using it since 2006.... hooking penalties don't get called at any greater rate than tripping penalties do with B-check.

I only use it in the slot for the most part - it is effective to slow down skaters moving through the slot or guys trying to fire a slapshot. Unlike the C-check you don't move anywhere with A-hook, so you aren't left out of position.

Habs - this is Matt Hurray on my new(ish) account. I stopped using the old one when I realized all of my posts showed up in a Google search for my name. As a teacher, I don't need that publicity!

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I’m only 5 years late to the party and without duplicating all that spot on advice,  my 2 cents are: 

1- Ween yourself away from buggers. They’re great when you’re starting out but to be well rounded, you need to embrace and adapt to the skill set of your squad. You’ll find there are some skilled middle weights and fatties that have great utility (Sandstrom, Kasatonov, etc).
Personally I enjoy playing against a bunch of buggers since it makes me play faster by being quicker and decisive with my passing. 

2-  move the puck and create. It’s already mentioned but playing linear is predictable, easy for users to defend, and easy for AI to post up against. Moving the puck in the o zone helps get the AI out of sorts and can open things up. 

3- avoid the skating backwards tactics. My biggest pet peeve.

The right way to kill time is by keeping the puck in the o zone and maintaining possession. The wrong way is to flop around backwards through the neutral zone and into the d zone.

This also includes grabbing the puck off a center ice face off and skating backwards to your d zone to where the opposition AI triggers forward opening up breakaways and rushes. There are definitely opportunities where that organically happens during the course of play but intentionally seeking that out off a face off is a no no. 

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