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Looking for 6 active "B" players to join my Original 6 League.

You must be very active and willing to play 20 games per week in this league.

The teams are posted with the link to the rom.

We are using Version2 which is exact copies of the Best Classic Teams.

This league will start play on Saturday 10/24 and end by 11/24.

Coachmac (Montreal Canadiens)

jer33 (Toronto Maple Leafs)

JackVandal (Boston Bruins)

Burdy (Chicago BlackHawks)

Labs66 (Detroit Red Wings)

aqualizard (New York Rangers)

40 games (Play each player 8 times)

Regular Season (2 weeks)

Top 4 make Playoffs (Best of 7)

Post here if interested and the team you want (First come first served)

I will take the last team available.

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For the love of god.. Why do we still say MTL is a top team? And why are Sweeney and Zhitnik "top" defensemen?

Seriously, it's a bunch of garbage. MTL is NOT a top team and Bourque/Coffey/Housley are the best defensemen in the game.

I see half of the "top 6" classic teams are not even included. Why does the circlejerk become so big?

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I would love to play and would take any team, however, 20 games a week is steep. I don't want to commit unless I know I could make time for it, which I can't at this point. Bummer. Especially because guys like JV were people I was hoping to hit up for exis, and now he will be tied up. Anyway, good luck with the season, it's a cool idea.

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OK aqua gets NY and I will take Montreal.

Labs are you sure you can commit to this?

I will see if we can get on the site with save states.

If not I will do it the old-fashioned way on my site.

Season will start by Saturday at the latest.

Exi away and try Playoff mode, let me know if the cpu teams feel juiced especially when you are on the road.

Remember to use Version 2.

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Awesome bud chaos is going to make it possible for us to save states for this league.

I am making some minor changes to the teams.

It will not be ready until Sunday so I am delaying the start of the league until Monday 10/26.

If you want to start before than that as fine as long as both agree to play and you can just save states until Monday.

You will play each coach 8 times (4 H and 4 A)

I will post version 3 of the rom later tonight which is what we will use.

Changes in bold.

Boston = WPG94

Chicago = CHI94

Detroit = VAN94

Montreal = DET94

New York = MTL94

Toronto = BUF94

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Awesome bud chaos is going to make it possible for us to save states for this league.

That is really cool! My favorite part of i being able to see your stats, and see how your players are doing accoring to the stats (as opposed to a hunch).

Awesome news!

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Welcome to 1967......Lyndon Johnson is President, Pierre Trudeau is PM of Canada, and Bobby Orr is a rookie.

Play your games....Save the states (Chaos should have the site up by the end of the weekend).

MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING VERSION 3 of the rom! (you can get it in this thread)

I'll be on late tonight for some games.


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I was on the AIM channel for over an hour last night hoping for some games! During (what I think is) Prime Time, around 9pm EST... No takers. :(

Will be there again tonight! Let's Go!!

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Season is live.

20 GP by 11/9

40 GP by 11/16 Regular Season ends

Playoffs will be Best of 7.

1 v 3

2 v 4

Just like in 67.

Huge Thank you to chaos for putting us on the site to have stats.

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Gotta give one more huge Thank you to chaos for setting us up with stats on nhl94online.


Opened the season last night with JackVandal.

It was really fun to see Bobby Orr, Jean Beliveau, and Henri Richard playing.

If you haven't tried the rom you should it is really fun and looks great if I do say so myself.

Make sure and check out the Playoff tree.

I am working on a 1979 rom with the same type format. Classic teams plugged into Historic rosters.

I am calling these The End of Era Rom's (67 Last year of Original 6) (79 Last year before WHA merger) and (91 last year of 21 teams and without Bettman).

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This league is cooking right along and going great, despite the fact that the commissioner is having a horrible season.

At least I got my CPU issues sorted.

Though I did play an entire game against the cpu thinking I was kicking Burdy's a--. :grimace:

Labs66 you gotta get some games in this weekend bud!

Burdy and I need 2 games to reach deadline.

JV, AL, and Jer have all met 20 GP.

Regular season ends Monday 11/16.

1 v 3

2 v 4

Best of 7 for playoffs.

I plan on continuing this with a 1974 Season and the Introduction of the HHL (Historic Hockey League).

If you are interested in joining the HHL for the 1974 season post here. (16 teams)

We can take "A" level players as some bad teams are included to level the playing field.

Raph? AJ?, KG? Seth? want to try your luck with the California Golden Seals?

All seasons will be SHORT, SWEET, and COMPLETE! :haha:

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In for any league u start, great commisioner.... and I will get my games in ;)

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