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Is there any reason if the match-ups were set in NOSE that you could not just use single game playoff mode for the playoffs? instead of creating a rom with 99 minute OT.

Obviously Bof7 would be great but desynch would really stink.

I just mean using Single gme Playoff mode and saving state after each game.

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It's not as easy as it Plabax said, weird things happen. We don't fully understand the playoff schedule setup in NOSE, I tried it once for GDL, but didn't hold up after game one. However, it WAS cool to set up all the initial matchups and you can at least play a game in playoff mode instead of 99min OT. Something to work on more for sure.

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OK, so all I am proposing (for Original 6 League) is that we play one game and get the save state.

Then Game 2, etc... all in 1 game increments and it sounds like this will work.

Obviously would need to set up where both teams are Home.

I like multiple periods of 5 minute OT as opposed to 99 minutes of the same direction.

On the Best of 7 thing, It works in 92 as Deadmeow and I played our series last spring using that mode and it did not freeze.

So maybe look at why it works in 92 and apply that to 94.

Desynch would still be a major bummer or issue.

Also have you seen how I set up Playoffs in Original 6 rom?

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