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The Blitz B finals are all setup between Lupz & Chaos.

Hopefully, you guys can get this in before Santa's fat arse tries to slide down my chimney.

Lol, yeah me, and Wally had a tough time getting times set up to play continuously. Thx Wally for a great series, not sure the better player won you played great.

PM'd Chaos I know he has been waiting awhile so I'll patiently wait for when is convenient for him.

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I can play this weekend. In a hotel this week, don't want the internet to cause laggy games.

Sounds good

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The San Jose Sharks are finally crowned Blitz 11 Champions, probably the most dragged out playoff tournament, sorry about that.

Thanks Chaos for a thrilling wild 7 game series that had pretty much everything, but an OT game, either team could have won, the Sharks just got the bounces late in the series, great series, and great season Chaos.

Sorry for the delay guys, again I am shocked to type that the Sharks are Blitz B 11 (sounds like the final Blitz ever) champs!

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Thanks guys, I credit my actual team I assembled, I think it was the most talented team in B, which helped me, not the best actual player of the game to win. Both Chaos, and Wally before him were the better players in the series, but Belfour, and my starting 5 helped me overcome. All games were close, and in the end I got the bounces.

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