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OTHL is expanding and moving into the 1974 Season.

You can find the rom and info about the teams here.

If you are interested in obtaining an expansion franchise you can apply here.

Returning coaches can also confirm they are returning.

We had 100% completion in season 1.

The Regular Season was 2 weeks and we wrapped up the playoffs in a week.

You need to be able to play 15-20 games per week to be in this league.

Team Draft order is by the order players completed 40 games in 1967.

JackVandal is back and selects Boston with the first choice.

Aquilizard gets the second selection

Jer33 gets the third selection

Burdy gets the fourth selection

Labs66 gets the fifth selection

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Its ok, when I saw Coach asking on AIM I just posted. I was unaware at the time I picked last. No biggie, all in fun anyway

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I am glad you are playing, too! In exis you exposed my biggest weakness with those lateral slappers (especially right off the faceoff) so now I will get some practice in defending them!!

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1974 (20 years before 94)


BOS = DET94 Jack Vandal

MTL = DAL94 Coachmac

NYR = BUF94 Aquilizard

TOR = CGY94 Jer33

BUF = VAN94 Mav

DET = QUE94 AtomicRaven

VAN = NJ94 Labs66
NYI = SJ94 Brutus


PHI = CHI94 Aqualizard

CHI = MTL94 Labs66

LA= WPG94 Mav

ATL = TOR94 Coachmac

PIT = NYR94 AtomicRaven

STL = EDM94 JackVandal

MIN = HAR94 Jer33

CAL = OTT94 Brutus

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i'll take BUF instead

Edited by mav
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Wait....PIT was Wash94 yesterday, now NYR94?.....again if this is WBF I want PIT, if CLASSIC, then I will stick with CHI

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You are going to want to take a closer look at the teams - as it is generally a selection of players from the associated roster.

As an example, the Leafs are associated with the Kings, but there is no Gretzky or Robitaille.

... now I see that the Leafs have reverted to the Flames roster.

Best way to look, is to open 2 copies of NOSE split screen and compare your 6F, 4D to their associated team.

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Gotcha will do. More than likely being CHI, probably a no brainer.....just have a thing for the Pens (duh) haha.

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You got em.

Also on all the roms what I did is use AJ's lines and the no hassle rom to select 6 forwards and 4 d.

Some players are not included with teams.

I also tweaked the Endurance and awareness of players to adjust the overall rating without changing the player to much.

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How about you take both :exciting:

Here is the format.

Each coach will take 2 teams, each team plays 28 games, for a total of 56 games per coach.

You must take 1 team from the East and 1 from the West.

Every team plays each other twice except for the 2 teams you coach who obviously won't play each other.

Playoffs will be purely Divisional so the only way you could play yourself is if both your teams make the Stanley Cup Final and if you are that dominant you deserve the Cup. :money:

So as an example Mav and Jer will play 8 times.

TOR (jer) v BUF (mav) twice

TOR (jer) v LA (mav) twice

MIN (jer) v BUF (mav) twice

MIN (jer) v LA (mav) twice

See team assignments above

I am open to any changes anyone wants above. :cry:

Once we get this settled we will let chaos set us up and get started.

Expecting you to play 14 games per week.

Regular season will last 4 weeks.

Top 4 in each Division make playoffs

1 v 4

2 v 3

In each Division. Division winners play for the Cup.

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I preferred one team because I don't see most of the guys in this league online as late as I am, but have the time to get my games for two if needed, as its during the slow season for me work wise. That and providing some guys make themselves available later in the evenings I can the swing two teams (Mav & labs haven't exi'd /played with in a long time, so that combo makes me fearful of DNP's)

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Mav has quit one of my other leagues and he quit classic this fall.

He will be on a short leash.

Labs is the defending champ in OTHL and often pushes deadlines but always makes them.

At least in my leagues.

I love your spirit on teams.

That is actually the California Golden Seals.

Please put Bob Champoux in goal as he was one of my favorites back in the day.

I need everyone to confirm they are OK with their 2 teams and the format before I send in to chaos to set us up on site.

Also waitlist players can post here.

Edited by CoachMac
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Actually, Mav did not quit your other league. I insisted the f-er be kicked out, which started when he wouldn't play his games with me and then we got in a big tussle and I believe he sufficiently offended enough people to be the dude to get the boot over me.

I've since come to understand he's just one of those differently strung fellows :) , and really enjoy his banter w/ some of the guys in Velocity.

I'm pretty sure he will play his games. I'm just worried about "when" he plays compared to me because I've been on AIM w/ him at several times but not actually exi'd once with him, which means we might have opposite playing times.

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thanks for that vote of confidence Coach! LOL anyway...

im good with those tms

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I'm all in, yes sometimes I do procrastinate but mainly not my choice lol, busy with work, sidework, daughter, in general lol. But as Coach said I get them in. Been playing more and on more often. Blitz this year was just bad timing for me

Edited by LABS_66
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thanks for that vote of confidence Coach! LOL anyway...

Your vote of confidence is I let you in the league!

Now don't let me down. LOL! :haha:


All teams are confirmed I'll see when chaos can set us up and we will begin.

14 games per week..

Regular season is 4 weeks.

Playoffs are Divisional

1 v 4

2 v 3

Just like 1974

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