GDL XIV Draft (All Rounds in one thread)

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1.1 Minnesota Northstars quotes Big Al, "Say Hello to My Little FRIEND!!!", and takes the name only needed two letters, JR.

1.2 Seattle makes their first ever selection a great pick at that, Mr. Yzerman.

1.3 Buffalo welcomes Mr. Mogilny to Buffalo.

1.4 Calgary jumps up 6 spots from San Jose, and nabs Dino Ciccarelli.

1.5 Pitt makes a move and trades w/ Dallas, and Pittsburgh gladly selects the Russian Rocket....Pavel Bure!

1.6 Florida picks Theoren Fleury

1.7 Rockford selects Teemu Selanne.

1.8 Edmonton welcomes home #99 Wayne Gretzky.

1.9 LA selects M. Gartner.

1.10 San Jose does NOT trade their pick for ONCE, and selects Petr Klima.

1.11 Philly selects Mike Modano, USA hero.

1.12 Colorado goes the Doug Gilmour route.

1.13 Dallas selects Mark Recchi.

1.14 Detroit selects Pat LaFontaine.

1.15 Hartford selects Joe Sakic.

1.16 Hamilton decides to try to ride the Mario train, and takes Mario Lemieux.

1.17 Arizona goes with Adam Oates.

1.18 Montreal selects Sergei Fedorov.

1.19 St. Louis grabs high flying Russ Courtnall.

1.20 NY Rangers grab their own speed, and select Cliff Ronning.

1.21 Chicago Blackhawks add in Luc Robitaille and his 6 shot accuracy to town.

1.22 Minnesota puts Gary Roberts on one of his higher pedastals to date with this pick.

1.23 Toronto grabs the hard shooting Tomas (no "h" ya bastaaadrds" Sandstrom.

1.24 Vancouver (after GREAT DELIBERATION!!!) once again welcome Mr. Roy to the first round.

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Round 2

2.1 Vancouver selects Mr. Phil Housley.

2.2 Toronto selects Don Sweeney.

2.3 Minnesota selects Steve Larmer.

2.4 Buffalo makes a move up to grab Brett Hull.

2.5 NY Rangers get Eddy Belfour to mind the net.

2.6 St. Louis Blues go w/ Mats Sundin.

2.7 Montreal brings in Benoit Hogue.

2.8 Arizona gets the light but steady Brian Bradley.

2.9 Hamilton selects Grant Fuhr.

2.10 Hartford goes after speed, and drafts Peter Bondra.

2.11 Detroit selects Pierre Turgeon.

2.12 Dallas goes w/ Denis Savard.

2.13 Colorado gets the checking machine, Ray Bourque.

2.14 Philly takes another madman in the form of Esa Tikkanen.

2.15 SJ takes Geoff Courtnall.

2.16 LA grabs Joe Juneau.

2.17 Edmonton gets their hands on Paul Coffey.

2.18 Rockford stays safe and lands Robert Reichel.

2.19 Florida drafts Pelle Eklund.

2.20 Dallas selects Stephan Lebeau.

2.21 Calgary selects Geoff Sanderson.

2.22 ChicAAAgo selects Neal BRAAAten.

2.23 Metropolitans select Nelson Emerson

2.24 Minnesota Northstars go bugger w/ Andrei Kovalenko.

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Round 3

3.1 The Northstars start us out with heavyweight contender, Cam Neely.

3.2 Seattle selects Alexei Zhitnik.

3.3 Chicago gets stickman Dale Hawerchuk.

3.4 San Jose selects Chris Chelios.

3.5 San Jose pulls off a trade to get back to back defensive picks, and nabs Gary Suter.

3.6 Florida picks Sergei Makarov.

3.7 Rockford selects Brian Leetch.

3.8 Edmonton skips over Messier and goes with Jimmy Carson!

3.9 LA digs down for their D-man, Glen Wesley.

3.10 Calgary selects Bill Ranford.

3.11 Philly grabs Nicklas Lidstrom.

3.12 Colorado selects Felix "the Cat" Potvin.

3.13 Dallas gets Bob Essensa.

3.14 Detroit keeps with the goalie run and selects Curtis Joseph.

3.15 Hartford breaks rank back to defense, and gets the light weight, Petr Svoboda.

3.16 Hamilton selects Mark "the messiah" Messier.

3.17 Arizona goes with the Big Z, Zarley Zalapski.

3.18 Montreal jumps for joy to find Tommy Soderstrom still on the board, and puts him in their net.

3.19 St Louis goes w/ Messier 2.0, Jaromir Jagr.

3.20 Rangers grab shot power in the form of Valeri Kamensky.

3.21 Chicago picks Tom "I am a" Barrasso(le).

3.22 Minnesota selects Al "Gonna break the glass once a game" MacInnis.

3.23 Toronto gets some speed in Tony Granto.

3.24 Vancouver picks Mike Ricci.

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Round 4

4.1 Vancouver gets the underrated Owen Nolan.

4.2 Toronto gets a mouthful in the form of Nikolai Borchevsky.

4.3 Minnesota selects Tim Cheveldae.

4.4 Chicago picks Dimitri Khristich.

4.5 Rangers select Al Iafrate.

4.6 Blues select Mike Richter.

4.7 Montreal selects Scott Stevens.

4.8 Arizona selects Larry Murphy

4.9 Hamilton selects Teppo Numminem.

4.10 Hartford selects Ron Hextall.

4.11 Detroit selects Alexei Zhamnov.

4.12 SJ selects Andy Moog.

4.13 Colorado selects Stephane Richer.

4.14 Philly selects Dave Manson.

4.15 SJ selects Vincent Damphousse.

41.6 LA selects Gord Murphy.

4.17 Edmonton selects Kevin Dineen.

4.18 Rockford selects Chris Terreri.

4.19 Flordia selects Rob Blake.

4.20 Pitt selects Dave Gagner.

4.21 SJ selects Ulf Samuelsson.

4.22 Buffalso selects Evgeny Davydov.

4.23 Seattle selects Dallas Drake.

4.24 Northstars select Kirk McLean.

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5.1 North Stars select Sylvain Cote.

5.2 Seattle selects Mike Vernon.

5.3 Buffalo selects John Casey.

5.4 Pitt selects Steve Duchesne.

5.5 Dallas selcts JJ Daigneault.

5.6 Florida selects Sean Burke.

5.7 Rockford selects Steve Smith.

5.8 Edmonton selects Dave Ellett.

5.9 LA selects John Vanbiesbrk.

5.10 Calgary selects Matt Schneider.

5.11 Philly selects John Blue.

5.12 Colorado selects Ted Donato.

5.13 Pitt selects Vladmir Konstantov

5.14 Detroit selects Jeff Brown.

5.15 Hartford selects Pat Verbeek.

5.16 Hamilton selects Trevor Linden.

5.17 Arizona selects Dominik Hasek.

5.18 Montreal selects Doug Wilson

5.19 Dallas selects Cam Russell.

5.20 Rangers select Captain Kirk Muller.

5.21 Buffalo selects James Patrick.

5.22 Minnesota selects Eric Lindros.

5.23 Toronto selects Kevin Hatcher.

5.24 Vancouver is Eric Desjardins.

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Round 6

6.1 Vancouver selects Brian Bellows.
6.2 Toronto selects Kelly Hrudey.
6.3 Minnesota's Jyrki Lumme.
6.4 Chicago selects Kevin Lowe.
6.5 Rangers select Alexei Kasatonov.
6.6 St. Louis selects Tommy Sjodin.
6.7 Montreal selects Alexander Semak.
6.8 Arizone selects Paul Ysebeart.
6.9 Hamilton selects Steve Chiasson.
6.10 Hartford selects Alexei Gusarov.
6.11 Detroit selects Steve Thomas
6.12 Pitt selects Don Beaupre.

6.13 Colorado selects Patrice Brisebois

6.14 Philly selects Wendel Clark.

6.15 Calgary selects Glenn Anderson.

6.16 LA selects Joe Murphy.

6.17 Edmonton selects Brendan Shanahan.

6.18 Detroit selects Calle Johansson

6.19 Florida selects Yves Racine

6.20 Dallas selects Sergei Bautin.

6.21 Calgary selects Bruce Driver.

6.22 SJ selects Dmitri Kvartalnov

6.23 Seattle selects Norm Maciver.

6.24 Northstars select Mark Howe.

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Round 7

7.1 Northstars select Sergei Zubov.

72. Seattle selects Tom Pederson.

7.3 Buffalo selects Adam Burt.

7.4 SJ selects Doug Lidster.

7.5 Dallas selects Joe Nieuwendyk

7.6 Florida selects Darius Kasparitis.

7.7 Rockford selects Rod BrindAmour.

7.8 Edmonton selects Fredrik Olauson

7.9 LA selects Dimitri Yushkvich.

7.10 Calgary selects Valeri Zelepukin.

7.11 Philly selects Igor Kravchuk.

7.12 Colorado selects Gord Hynes.

7.13 Pitt selects Joe Mullen.

7.14 Detroit selects Craig Janney.

7.15 Hartford selects Todd Gill

7.16 Hamilton selects Kevin Stevens.

7.17 Arizona selects Tony Amonte.

7.18 Montreal selects Darren Turcotte.

7.19 St Louis selects Luciano Borsato.

7.20 Rangers select Eric Weinrich.

7.21 Chicago selects Jamie Macoun.

7.22 Minnesota selects Mike Ridley.

7.23 Toronto selects Guy Carboneau.

7.24 Vancouver selects Adam Graves.

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Round 8

8.1 Vancouver selects Adam Foote.

8.2 Toronto selects Yachslav Fetisov.

83. Minnesota selects Sandis Ozolinsh

8.4 Chicago selects Mikhail Tatarinov.

8.5 Rangers select Gary Leeman.

8.6 Blues select Bob Bassen.

8.7 Montreal selects Mark Tinordi.

8.8 Arizona selects Michel Petit.

8.9 Hamilton selects Vladimir Malakhov.

8.10 Hartford selects Corey Millen.

8.11 Detroit selects Richard Smehlik.

8.12 Pitt selects Greg Hawgood.

8.13 Col selects Craig Simpson.

8.14 Phi selects Thomas Steen.

8.15 CGY selects Curtis LEschyshyn

8.16 LA selects Yuri Khmylev

8.17 Edm selects Dominic Roussel.

8.18 Rock selects Frank Musil.

8.19 Fla selects Ron Francis.

8.20 Dal selects Roger Johansson.

8.21 SJ selects Christan Ruuttu

8.22 Buf selects Bob Errey.

8.23 Sea selects Sergei Nemchinov.

8.24 Northstars select John Cullen.

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Round 9

9.1 Northstars select Jari Jurri.

9.2 Sea selects Jim Johnson.

9.3 Buf selects Dave Andreychuk.

9.4 SJ selects Pat Falloon.

9.5 Dal selects Vachslav Kozlov

9.6 Fla selects Kelly Kisio.

9.7 Rock selects Marty McSorley.

9.8 Edm selects Dave Volek.

9.9 LA selects Mikael Nylander

9.10 CGY selects Marc Bergevin.

9.11 Phi selects Jeff Norton.

9.12 Col selects Tom Kurvers

9.13 Pit selects Shayne Corson

9.14 Det selects Joel Otto

9.15 HFD selects Scott Niedrmayer.

9.16 Ham selects StephanD Richer

9.17 Ari selects Gerald Diduck.

9.18 Mtl selects Vladimir Ruzicka

9.19 Stl selects Marty McInnis

9.20 NYR select Claude Lemieux.

9.21 Chi selects Greg Adams.

9.22 Min selects Kevin Dahl.

9.23 Tor selects Rick Tocchet.

9.24 Van selects Brent Sutter.

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Round 10

10.1 Vancouver selects Ulf Dahlen.

10.2 Toronto selects Scott Lachance

10.3 Min selects Garry Galley. (already had 4 defensemen!) replaced with Dale Hunter.

10.4 Chi selects Kelly Miller.

10.5 NYR select Uwe Krupp.

10.6 STL selects Garth Butcher.

10.7 MTL selects Dave Poulin.

10.8 Ari selects Peter Stastny.

10.9 Ham selects Chris Kontos

10.10 HFD selects Michal Pivonka

10.11 Det selects Kerry Huffman

10.12 Pit selects Bob Sweeney.

10.13 Col selects Dirk Graham

10.14 Phi selects Terry Yake

10.15 CGY selects Ray Ferraro

10.16 LA selects Neil Wilkinson

10.17 EDM selects Paul Ranheim.

10.18 Rock selects Kjell Samuelsson.

10.19 FLA selects Charlie Huddy.

10.20 Dal selects Bryan Marchment.

10.21 SJ selects Pat Elynuik.

10.22 Buf selects Ron Sutter

10.23 Sea selects Murray Craven

10.24 Northstars select Mike Donnelly

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Round 11

11.1 Northstars select Dimitri Mironov

11.2 Sea selects Kevin Miller

11.3 Buf selects Paul Cavallini

11.4 SJ selects Curtis Joseph

11.5 Dal selects Andre Racicot.

11.6 FLA selects Anatoli Semenov

11.7 Rock selects Ed Olczyk

11.8 Edm selects Wendell Young

11.9 LA selects Bob Carptener

11.10 CGY selects Kevin Todd

11.11 Phil selects Doug Weight

11.12 Col selects Brian Noonan

11.13 Pit selects Jiri Slegr

11.14 Det selects Andrew Cassels

11.15 HFD selects Peter Zezel

11.16 Ham selects Derek King

11.17 Ari selects Bobby Holik

11.18 MTL selects Paul Stanton

11.19 Stl selects Brent Ashton

11.20 NYR select Daren Puppa

11.21 Chi selects Darryl Sydor

11.22 Min selects John Maclean

11.23 Tor selects Mike Keane

11.24 Van selects Doug Bodger

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Round 12

12.1 Van Robb Stauber

12.2 Tor Kay Whitmore

12.3 Min Arturs Irbe

12.4 Chi Ken Wregget

12.5 NYR Mike Krushelski

12.6 Stl Jeff Reese

12.7 MTL Glenn Healy

12.8 Ari Stephane Fiset

12.9 Ham Darcy Wakaluk

12.10 HFD Jim Waite

12.11 Det Vincent Riendeau

12.12 PIt Mario Gosselin

12.13 Col Tom Draper

12.14 Phi Mark Fitzpatrik

12.15 CGY Guy Hebert

12.16 LA Frank Pietrngelo

12.17 EDM Brian Benning

12.18 Rock Daniel Berthiaume

12.19 FLA Rick Knickle

12.20 Dal Mike Craig

12.21 SJ Pat Jablonski

12.22 Buf Jim Hrivnak

12.23 Sea Craig Billington

12.24 Northstars Ron Tugnutt

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