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Players Copied in NOSE Not Getting Playing Time Despite Correct Lines


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I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I've successfully used the NOSE editor and some other tools in the past to make minor changes to my ROMs. Now I'm currently experimenting for the first time with using NOSE to 'trade' players and create a draft league of sorts. I'm doing this with an NHL '95 ROM for now.

I started by simply copying players from one instance of NOSE to another and replacing four players on one particular team. I then copied the players I was replacing onto the rosters of the teams from which I copied the original three players.

Two teams did not have enough bytes to paste and replace a player, so I deleted a player from each one before overwriting another. I got all the players in place, updated the lines, and then saved my ROM.

In running a test season, however, most of the players who were added to the teams compiled hardly any stats, even though they were on SC1, PP1, and, in some cases, on PK1.

So, for example, Sergei Fedorov is on the Toronto roster along Yuri Khmylev and Andrei Kovalenko. They are all on SC1 and PP1. Igor Larionov was also added to Toronto and is the center for SC2 and PP2. Strangely, Federov had fewer than 10 goals and 10 assists in three different test seasons. Khmylev and Kovalenko likewise have largely non-existent stats. Yet Larionov puts up incredible numbers, scoring over 130 points and leading the entire league in scoring. He appears to be getting way too much time at center, while Federov is getting almost none.

Player usage for some of the players who were swapped to other teams is also a bit off even though the lines are all set correctly with the new players. Interestingly, though, the results are as expected with Doug Gilmour, who was copied onto the Detroit roster and is the center for SC2 and PP2 to replace Fedorov. He is getting all the playing time and stats you would expect. And so is Mike Eastwood, who was swapped with Khmylev on the Buffalo roster.

Does anyone have any idea why these problems would occur? Is there a way to create a draft league ROM and copy all players into place and then have the ROM simulate games and produce accurate results? I would appreciate any help people can provide.

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This is just a crazy guess, so take it with a grain of salt.

NOSE was made for 94, but wonderfully works with all the other versions as you know.

What I don't think NOSE does is individual player season sim data, as 92, 93, and 94 had no season mode.

So I think when you are transferring the players via NOSE for some reason the season sim data is getting corrupted.

The reason for this guess is I also enjoy editing Tecmo Super Bowl my second favorite and only other video game I play.

I have run into the same issue when trading players in it, until I found the editor which also allows you to see and apply individual player season sim data.

Good Luck.

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Could you explain more precisely what you mean by season sim data? I moved players using a clean ROM with no active season. Then I simulated seasons for testing.

So do you mean there is somehow data set up for season play, this is getting corrupted? Or are you thinking that I made these moves by editing a ROM with an active season that was partially simulated?

Is there any other NHL editor that would allow me to do a draft league with the GENS version of NHL '95 or NHL '94?

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So do you mean there is somehow data set up for season play, this is getting corrupted?

Yes or not transferred.

Or are you thinking that I made these moves by editing a ROM with an active season that was partially simulated?


In Tecmo Super Bowl. You not only have Sim Data for each team, you also have sim data for all individual players. Yards Passing, Rushing, Sacks, Interceptions, etc.... I would guess NHL 95 has the same thing for a season mode.

EARE which Smoz made lets us edit Team sim data in 94, but no need for individual sim data as that does not exist in 94.

You can edit team sim data in 92, 93, and 94 with a Hex Editor.

That info is available.

To my knowledge it is not in 95.

I would guess you could edit the sim data both team and individual in 95, but would need someone above my pay grade to find where that info is and what is what.

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